Why red meat is GOOD for you: After days of dire cancer warnings, take comfort in this [Video]

Why red meat is GOOD for you: After days of dire cancer warnings, take comfort in this [Video]

I adhere to the Paleo diet which dictates natural foods such as unprocessed meats, fruits and vegetables. It is a great way to eat and live. This whole study on how red meat gives you cancer is ridiculous. What gives us cancer is processed packaged foods and probably fast food. Along with the drugs we take and drinks we swill. I have known many people who ate tons of red meat their whole lives and lived into their 90’s, so spare me the ‘meat is bad’ crap. These are Marxists who are trying to control what we eat. They can stuff it.

Red Meat

From the Daily Mail:

Worried by the flurry of warnings about eating meat? Have you vowed to cut down on bacon sarnies and steak or even contemplated going veggie?

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One in ten adults – and one in five 16 to 24-year-olds – follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, according to research published last year by market research firm Mintel.

Many more have turned ‘flexitarian’ – limiting their meat intake, but not reducing it entirely, or giving up red meat, but still eating white.

Indeed, chicken accounts for around half of all meat intake in Britain, up from a third in the early Nineties.
The numbers are likely to rise further following last week’s alarming report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which classified processed meat such as bacon and sausages as ‘carcinogenic to humans’ and red meat as ‘probably carcinogenic’.

And yesterday, researchers at Oxford University warned that just two portions of red meat a week increases the risk of bowel cancer by a fifth. But before you rush off to stock up on tofu and quinoa, it’s worth noting that the average risk of developing bowel cancer is 6 per cent – so the increase in risk calculated by the WHO and by the Oxford researchers would mean an overall risk of around 7 per cent.

Furthermore, many health experts advise against giving up red meat altogether. That’s because in its natural state it is a rich source of energy and essential nutrients.

‘Eating red meat brings a lot of health advantages to a balanced diet,’ says Priya Tew, an independent registered dietitian.

‘The link between eating red meat and colo- rectal cancer is much less compelling [than it is for processed meat] and you would have to eat far more than people in Britain currently do.’

Most people eat about 70g of red meat per day, which is the amount the NHS says is fine – it’s the equivalent of a small steak every two days.

If you eat more than 90g a day – the equivalent of three thin-cut slices of roast beef, lamb or pork – the NHS suggests cutting back.

‘Red meat’ is the term used when the raw meat is red and doesn’t turn pale on cooking. So though chicken is white meat, duck and goose are red.

Pork is classified as a red meat, even though it does turn white on cooking. This is because, like other red meats, it contains larger amounts of myoglobin, a protein found in the muscles of mammals, which is what creates the red colour.

From brain function to fighting off infection, here the experts reveal the many ways that meat, in moderation, is important for good health.

Meat helps you mentally. It makes you more alert and energetic. It also strengthens you. And all the talk of saturated fat… what they don’t tell you is that if you cut all fat out of your diet, it can kill you. Everything should be done in moderation. That includes eating. You know when you are eating poorly and when you should cut back. We all do. Protein also helps regulate your blood pressure and even fends off illness. It keeps you from being so tired as well. We are built to eat meat. It makes us healthy. Embrace a steak… avoid a liberal.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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