Woman With Brain Cancer Asks John McCain To RETHINK Healthcare

Woman With Brain Cancer Asks John McCain To RETHINK Healthcare

Though Sen. John McCain’s diagnosis of brain cancer has come as a surprise to many people across the political scope, his demeanor of toughness did not. He gave some inspired hope with his first tweet since receiving the bad news:

If McCain actually does return to his seat, he will likely face a vote on some sort of healthcare bill, a delicate subject that is still hopeless to ignore under the circumstances that we find ourselves in as a country.

Before the bad was confirmed, many observed that it was his access to regular medical care that led to the finding of a blood clot, which led to the discovery of the brain tumor that he later had removed.

One of McCain’s fellow cancer patients, Boston University Assistant Professor of Anthropology Eva Garrett found a way to initiate the subject of this experience in a Facebook post that simply gets to the point about asking him to think about others who may find themselves riding along in the same boat:

“Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He has been specifically diagnosed with glioblastoma. This is the cancer that I have. This is a form of cancer that is really not kind to older men.”

“I hope John McCain somehow beats the odds, though they are grim. These are odds that I have butted up against. Attending physicians that didn’t know about my particular circumstances have told me I could expect 12 months to live, at best. Luckily I should be here longer. Longer to pay for regular MRIs for the rest of my life. Longer to see doctors consistently to make sure my tumors don’t return and progress.”

“So… I’m really gutted to hear about John McCain’s diagnosis. He’s a good man. But I hope he thinks long and hard about the effects he will have with his votes on health care.”

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