150 More Hillary Emails Contain Classified Information

by William Teach | September 1, 2015 7:53 am

Who would have thought that classified and sensitive information would ever be sent to the U.S. Secretary Of State?

(The Hill[1]) Roughly 150 of 7,000 soon-to-be-released pages of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails contain information that is currently classified, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Monday.

“We have upgraded a number of these,” Toner told reporters during the department’s daily briefing .

“We look at these emails and we upgrade them as necessary as we see fit,” he added. “We stand by our position that the information we upgraded was not marked classified at the time it was sent.”

Of course, it doesn’t matter, per U.S. Statutes, whether they were classified at the time they were sent.

Furthermore, the very fact that information could be later classified is one of the main reasons those who work for the federal government are to use their official State Dept email address, as provided by the State Dept IT department, and approved email devices. Especially the SoS, who would surely be a target of hackers and foreign governments.

And this is the lady who wants to be POTUS, someone who cares not a whit for the proper security procedures.

(Fox News[2]) So if the Clinton denial is to be believed, individuals in her inner circle would have simply typed or scanned classified information into a non-classified system without regard for its contents. In this case, emails would have started in, and stayed in, the unclassified system — albeit improperly, based on the findings of the intelligence inspector general.

But if it turns out emails literally jumped from the classified to the non-classified system — something the State Department claims cannot happen — it would seem to point to Clinton’s staff going to great lengths to create a work-around to do so.

A government employee doing so would commit numerous felonies, according to Bradford Higgins, who served as assistant secretary of state for resource management and chief financial officer from 2006-2009. “A violation, in addition to criminal charges and potential prosecution, would likely mean that person who committed the breach would never again be given a security clearance,” Higgins said.

A huge number of the emails have been redacted[3], so we can assume that they contain….classified information. And possibly some very embarrassing information. Even emails about meeting Michael Bloomberg (via Legal Insurrection[4])

Clinton's Call Sheet for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, entirely redacted. pic.twitter.com/esBnkDwOb4[5]

— NPR Politics (@nprpolitics) September 1, 2015[6]

LI’s Amy Miller notes

So far, the content that has been reviewed thus far is incriminating both from a transparency standpoint, and from a PR standpoint. Sharyl Attkisson found several e-mails[7] that should have been released back in 2012 as part of a large-scale FOIA request for information about Benghazi. Several other outlets, including The Blaze[8], noted at least one highly-redacted email that instructed its recipients to both not forward, and to delete the message after reading:

If a lower level Federal employee was doing this, or if high level civilian employees of companies were doing this, they would be facing huge legal repercussions.

And Hillary was super happy[9] to have her new, unapproved by State IT, iPad!

Pathetic. So her defense is incompetence at her job? And she wants a promotion? cc: @HillaryClinton[10] https://t.co/8fkAVhslQ4[11]

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) August 31, 2015[12]

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