A Huge Group of Inner City Black Americans Just Launched Hillary’s WORST NIGHTMARE! [VIDEO]

A Huge Group of Inner City Black Americans Just Launched Hillary’s WORST NIGHTMARE! [VIDEO]

This is absolutely the best piece of promo for Trump I have seen yet. These inner city black voters are rallying people to not vote for Hillary Clinton. They are chanting that she’s killing black people. Some seemed confused by that chant… I’m not. Clinton supports the butchers of Planned Parenthood, which conducts infanticide on black unborn babies. Hillary’s Progressive planks cause young black people all over the nation to get killed with her gun banning promotions and welfare promoting tactics. She keeps the black community poor, uneducated and violent. That’s all the Democrats have EVER done for the black community. Period.

At the very end of the video, the guy says Clinton is worse than any other presidential candidate and that he will indeed vote for Trump. He says that Clinton sets herself up as a god and we only need one God and it’s not her. That I can fully agree with.

Inner City

The black guy in this video used to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. Now he’s rallying for Donald Trump.

Right now, Donald Trump is in a full court press trying to sway the black vote out there. He just had a very successful appearance at a black church in Detroit. Now this. If this keeps up… Hillary should be very worried and I may even recommend panic.

When I see crowds like this, it makes me think that Trump really can pull it off in November. This wasn’t just one guy marching here, it was a whole bunch of people. From the beginning I predicted that many of the followers of Bernie Sanders would turn to Trump. They are disillusioned with Bernie’s caving.

I don’t support Donald Trump, but I despise Hillary Clinton. I think many, many Americans feel the same way. Many will vote for Trump just to keep the Hildabeast out of the White House. That’s how desperate they are to stop her.

Personally, I think we are screwed either way, but if this video is any indication of the mood out there, this is Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare come to life. If she is elected, she will finish off this country and get us destroyed in the coming war. It’s not just blacks that Hillary will kill, she’ll be responsible for the deaths of millions. Hillary Clinton is a communist and she is just a breath away from ruling America.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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