Attempted Arrest On Hillary Has Been Made!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 29, 2016 10:02 am

DNC Action Committee[1] is a leftist, Marxist group. They made an attempted arrest of Hillary Clinton last night at her acceptance speech. Merely symbolic, they were trying to show just how much they detest the Hildabeast for her corruption and for not being leftist enough for their tastes. The list of charges crosses party/ideological lines and includes election fraud, money laundering through the Clinton Foundation and endangering national security by the exclusive secret use of a private email server for government business during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during the first term of the Obama Administration. All of which is true and all of which she should be arrested for. It’s a sad day when I find myself in agreement with radicals.


From Young Conservatives:

Tonight, on the last night of the DNC, we will stand together to perform a Citizens Arrest on Hillary Rodham Clinton. In PA, a felony is required to justify a Citizens Arrest.

To this, we accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton of being an accessory to the mass election fraud that took place during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, and collusion with Democratic party officials who sought to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This was especially egregious in Philadelphia where the Democratic Party handed out ballot listings that explicitly excluded Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

We accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton for being complicit in international money laundering (through the Clinton Foundation).

We accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton of being complicit in treason by keeping sensitive state secrets on her private server, thus endangering the lives of undercover agents.

To these ends, we will march into the gates of the Wells Fargo center during her speech. Our intent is to non-violently present Hillary Rodham Clinton with a Citizens Arrest. We request that the Philadelphia Police Department, Homeland Security, and all present law enforcement agencies assist us in our Citizens Arrest. Should they choose to prevent us from carrying out the arrest, we are prepared to risk arrest ourselves.

We stand in solidarity with other concerned citizens demonstrating in Philadelphia against the criminal actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the failure of the Democratic Party to support the needs of the people in this city and around the United States.

The DNC Action Committee says they are a movement to fix a broken system. Not really… they are an agent of chaos and want to burn it all down. Their attempt to arrest Clinton was lame and pathetic. Even the police did not take them seriously. Is it just me, or do all of these people need a bath? Hippies 2.0. Three of them did wind up getting arrested for trying to get their violence on. Hillary is the head of the snake and is damnably guilty, but all of these leftists are in the same boat. However, their sentiment of locking Hillary up is shared by millions of Americans all across the nation. It’s the only thing connected to her that sees unbiased popularity.

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