More Bad News For Hillary! Massive Majority Of This Nation Finds Her GUILTY! [VIDEO]

More Bad News For Hillary! Massive Majority Of This Nation Finds Her GUILTY! [VIDEO]

This isn’t good news for the Hildabeast. Regardless of what the sycophant media says, 83% of Americans now believe that Hillary is corrupt. I don’t know about you, but I could never vote for someone so provably dirty as this woman is.

Incredibly, leftists claim that this opinion of Clinton makes us… wait for it… sexist. I’m a woman and supposedly so is Clinton, so how does that make me sexist? Or is she one of these newfangled genders and I didn’t get the memo? Just because she has a vagina and I disagree with her, does not make me sexist. I belong to the ‘lady bits’ club too, you morons.


From Louder with Crowder

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When this race started, we thought it would be about illegal immigrants. Instead, it’s about if Hillary Clinton acting illegally. Not without good reason, mind you (see NOT DUPLICATES. FBI Discovers NEW Hillary State Dept. Emails on Weiner’s Computer and Jake Tapper: Isn’t this Really all Kinda Hillary’s Fault?), but we’re part of the right wing conspiracy.

Along with apparently 83% of America

A majority of voters believe Hillary Clinton has done something illegal, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll days before the presidential election.

A total of 83 percent of likely voters believe that Clinton did something wrong – 51 percent saying she did something illegal and 32 percent saying she something unethical but not illegal. Just 14 percent said she’s done nothing wrong.

The deep suspicion of Clinton is likely a top reason she’s lost much of her lead and the race for the White House has tightened in the race’s closing days.

Andrew McCarthy and Mark Levin have both said repeatedly that if Clinton is elected, impeachment proceedings should commence immediately and an indictment cometh. I fervently agree. Because you see, I don’t just suspect that Clinton is corrupt and dirty on all of this… I’m freaking certain of it. She should be held accountable under our laws for her actions.

This feminist defense of Hillary is just pathetic. You are defending someone who doesn’t give a crap about other women or anyone but herself. She has placed herself above the law and all of America knows it. If she is somehow ensconced in the White House, Americans are going to come unglued over it and that is totally predictable. In fact, Clinton probably would relish it as it gives her an excuse to bring the lid down on Americans… you know the riff raff that she supposedly serves.

Americans aren’t stupid. They see what is happening here and their anger has reached the boiling point. I have one word for the Hildabeast: “Revolution.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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