And so it begins… the calls from the left for Hillary Clinton to DROP OUT

And so it begins… the calls from the left for Hillary Clinton to DROP OUT

Well, I’ll be darned. The uber leftist Chicago Tribune is asking that Hillary Clinton drop out of the race. They want Tim Kaine to take her place. And so it begins. She’s so damaged, her own comrades want her gone now. Of course, there’s probably not a chance in hell of her doing it, but if she had any soul at all, she would. But we’re talking about the Hildabeast here. She’s never had a soul that we know of. Everything in this election is just surreal these days.

Did you ever think we would find ourselves in this remarkable position? I didn’t. The Dems have spent eight years prepping for a Clinton ascendancy to the White House. She’s all they had on their aging, Marxist, nutty bench. If she is elected, the email scandal will follow her right through the door. And the table is already set for impeachment along with an indictment. If she resigns, Tim Kaine becomes president. That’s a horrific thought. As Steven Crowder pointed out, she is such a weak candidate that she has the second highest unfavorability rating of any candidate to run for office. Her only saving grace is that she’s running against Trump, who has the single highest unfavorability rating of any candidate to run for office. What a hot mess this election is. We’ve become the laughing stock of the world.


From Louder with Crowder:

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Hillary Clinton found another glass ceiling to break. No, not as the first candidate to be under federal investigation (see BREAKING: Clinton Email Investigation REOPENED…Because Anthony Weiner?! and Mike Pence Silences Chris Matthews on Hillary’s Emails: ‘My Son Would At Least Be Court-Martialed!’). She is the first major party candidate to be called on to step aside a week before Election Day. Even by left-leaning publications and organizations. Take it away, Chicago Tribune…

What if she is elected? Think of a nation suffering a bad economy and continuing chaos in the Middle East, and now also facing a criminal investigation of a president. Add to that congressional investigations and a public vision of Clinton as a Nixonian figure wandering the halls, wringing her hands.

The best thing would be for Democrats to ask her to step down now. It would be the most responsible thing to do, if the nation were more important to them than power.2 And the American news media — fairly or not firmly identified in the public mind as Mrs. Clinton’s political action committee — should begin demanding it.

But what will Hillary do?

I think we know what Hillary will do…

John Kass at the Chicago Tribune did not mince words: “Has America become so numb by the decades of lies and cynicism oozing from Clinton Inc. that it could elect Hillary Clinton as president, even after Friday’s FBI announcement that it had reopened an investigation of her emails while secretary of state? We’ll find out soon enough.” Indeed we will. Kass is also right about it being obvious that the American political system is breaking down. It’s fractured and will never be the same. I’m not sure what is being born here, but I doubt we will like it or that it is good.

Another killer line: “Donald Trump, the vulgarian at their gates, is a symptom, not a cause. Hillary Clinton and husband Bill are both cause and effect.” Spot on. Hillary Clinton is in this election to the death. She’ll rail at Comey and play the ‘woman’ card for all it is worth. This is about power and legacy, and a stone cold b*tch like Hillary Clinton would never let it go. Clinton has so violated the Espionage Act and a whole other slew of laws that she should never be allowed to hold any office. She couldn’t pass a security clearance to clean a toilet, for Pete’s sake!

This election is reflective of America currently. We have let a power hungry monster come this close to being president. What does that say about us? Everyone is calling for Clinton to drop out. Instead, we’ll be subjected to bread and circuses. Hopefully, at long last, America has had enough of Clinton and her corruption.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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