Benghazi Widow Reveals Dark Secret About Hillary, This Could Ruin Her!

Benghazi Widow Reveals Dark Secret About Hillary, This Could Ruin Her!

Dorothy Woods, widow of Navy SEAL and American hero Tyrone Woods, smacked Hillary Clinton but good over Benghazi on the Hugh Hewitt show. Along with saying that she thought the Khan controversy was manufactured and inappropriate, she strongly went after the Hildabeast. She said that Hillary turned her back on those that died needlessly that day and she did. She also said she turned her back on the victims’ families and is unfit to be president. Again, that is exactly right and no one, I mean no one, has more of a right to say that than those that lost loved ones in Benghazi. Hillary lied to those families and used them as political props after getting their loved ones killed. She’s a monster.


From Young Conservatives:

The widow of one of the four Americans killed during the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, said Thursday that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “turned her back” on the victims’ families and is unfit to be president.

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Dorothy Woods told radio host Hugh Hewitt that there is a “distinct difference” between Mrs. Clinton and her late husband, former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods.

“That night, American lives were important, the most important thing … to Ty,” Ms. Woods said, according to a transcript. “That’s how he felt, versus Hillary Clinton, who you know, couldn’t be bothered with it. She dismissed it. She thought of herself. She thought of what that would look like. And that’s the fundamental difference.”

She went on to say that Mrs. Clinton was “dismissive” in telling the country to “move on” following the House Republicans long-awaited report on Benghazi released in June.

“It’s characteristic Clinton. It’s characteristic Obama,” Ms. Woods said. “You know, ‘Let’s go ahead and sweep that under the rug. It doesn’t suit what I am, the narrative I’m trying to present about myself.’ … Nobody can tell me to move on. Nobody can tell me how to feel. Nobody can tell me how to think about it.”

Clinton may tell this nation to move on from Benghazi, but we never will… we’ll never forget those that died that day and how she lied, manipulated and in the end just walked away while never having to pay for any of it. It just shatters your soul when you think about what this widow and the others went through. There will be a special place in hell for Hillary after all this is said and done. She’s richly earned it many, many times over. Hillary Clinton not only ignored the requests for more security in Benghazi, she also failed to send help in time. The whole thing was avoidable and those men could have been saved – if it weren’t for the indifference of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I don’t see how anyone could vote for this demon.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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