Bill Clinton Gets Defensive: ‘Hillary May Be In Better Health Than Donald Trump!’ Then Proceeds To… [VIDEO]

by Cassy Fiano | September 13, 2016 12:47 pm


Coughing fits. Holes in her tongue. Passing out on a mild day. Hillary Clinton’s health issues are becoming impossible to ignore. And that means the Clinton camp is working furiously to make it seem like she’s in great health and it isn’t exactly going well. So they brought out the big guns. Bill Clinton was wheeled out to try to smooth the whole thing over[2] and that decision may have backfired, big time.

Clinton sat down for an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose, who peppered him with questions about Hillary’s fitness for the presidency. First, he tried to deflect the issue onto Trump. “It’s almost certain she’s in better health than her opponent,” he said. “But we don’t know, because he hasn’t disclosed.”


But that didn’t placate Rose, who refused to be so easily dissuaded on the issue. This apparently made Clinton get pretty frustrated, reiterating that Trump is who the media should be looking at. “The campaign said they were gonna release some more medical information. I don’t know what it is,” Clinton said. He continued, “If a Martian came down from outer space and watched America unfold over the last six to eight weeks — it’d be hard to see all these earnest pleas for disclosure, which are entirely one-sided,” Clinton said.

Then the interview took a truly strange turn, with Clinton deciding to suddenly start talking about the fact that Trump has refused to release his tax returns. For Clinton, that is what Americans should be worried about, and he wasn’t happy with the media for not talking about it. “It’s nowhere near the same kinda story,” he said.

It wasn’t just Hillary’s health Rose was concerned about, though. He also asked Clinton whether he, himself, would be considered healthy, noting that he had recently lost a large amount of weight. Saying he was the oldest man in his family for generations, Clinton assured Rose that he was doing fine. “I just had a physical not very long ago and I passed with flying colors,” he said. “My great-grandfather lived to be 76 and I have lots of, you know, medical advantages over him, the state of health care and treatment. So I feel great. Every day I feel great. I just get up and hit it.”

What is going on with Hillary Clinton? And why can’t the campaign just be straight with the American public? Because the more they spin stories about her health, changing the narrative every other day, the more suspicious it gets — and the worse it looks for her.

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