BOOM! Hillary Just Got CALLED OUT By Black Lives Matter – Humiliating…

BOOM! Hillary Just Got CALLED OUT By Black Lives Matter – Humiliating…

I’ve never understood why the black community insists on voting for Democrats. They were the ones that condoned and prolonged slavery. They are the ones that have made cities hellholes for blacks and they are directly responsible for the crime rate in those same cities with their gun banning and Progressive policies. They kill jobs and blacks… they are the purveyors of racism. So, why do they vote Democrat election after election? Liberals commonly claim that the Republican and Democrat parties switched their respective stances on civil rights and that it is now Democrats who represent racial unity in the United States. Which is a monstrous lie. It was the Republicans who got rid of slavery… it is the Republicans who stood for civil rights and equality. Well, it looks like at least a segment of that community has had enough and is calling Hillary Clinton out on it.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

“Early on, [Hillary] would say, ‘Yes, black lives matter,’ but she wouldn’t acknowledge her role in processes that fundamentally showed black lives did not matter,” Garza said.

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Garza also slammed former President Bill Clinton for loudly criticizing BLM activists at a campaign event in April.

“You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter,” Bill Clinton said earlier this year while defending his administration’s crackdown on crime in the 90’s.

“I was angry about that for about a month, seriously, like every single day,” Garza said. “It’s reprehensible for him to defend the impacts his policies have had on our communities.”

The Clintons use black people for votes,” Garza said, “but then don’t do anything for black communities after they’re elected. They use us for photo ops.

In March, Hillary popped off at a young, black woman who asked her a question about her record on racial issues, suggesting the young women should “go run for something” if she wasn’t happy with the status quo.

In 1996, Hillary Clinton famously referred to black youths as “super predators” who have “no conscience” and “no empathy.”

The leader of Black Lives Matter has come right out with it. She warned in a recent interview that the Clintons don’t care about blacks, but routinely use the black community as a way to garner more votes. That is dead on. I never thought I’d agree with someone from BLM, but bingo! That is exactly right. I don’t agree with really anything BLM stands for and I think they are basically a domestic terrorist group, but on this point, they hit a home run. The black community is only good for votes and propaganda for the Democrats. They don’t care about them or their plight. They never have. The Democrats have destroyed these people with welfare, food stamps, entitlements and freebies and they still don’t get that point. It’s not just Hillary either, it’s ALL Democrats. They keep black children out of good schools by blocking voucher programs. You know that is on purpose, right? Their open borders policy that lets in millions of illegal immigrants is causing unemployment to skyrocket even further. Democrats are no friends to the black community and they need to recognize that fact. Just look at Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger who wanted to eradicate blacks. So, yes… go after the Hildabeast, but understand it is all Progressives that are the enemy here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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