Bored Grandma Who Wants Access To Nations Highest Secrets Is Totally Reliant On Others

The release of the FBI notes from Hillary Clinton’s interview paints a picture of a woman utterly unqualified to hold a security clearance. She was entirely too casual with all levels of classified material. She consistently lost her Blackberry, which she wasn’t supposed to be using in the first place, and which contained classified information. She was grossly negligent in her handling of the information. Then there’s this, which somehow slipped through the far left editors at Politico

Hillary Clinton never received training on how to handle classified information. By her own admission, she had little ability to discern whether a document included sensitive information. And when she did handle sensitive materials, she relied on her subordinates to ensure that nothing important was compromised.

Taken together, her responses to questions from FBI investigators reveal a high-level government executive who apparently had little grasp of the nuances and complexities around the nation’s classification system — a blind spot that helped allow classified communications to pass through her private email server.

One major problem which really hasn’t been discussed is that those subordinates would have not had the security clearances to view, discuss, or even make judgments on the material. Just because they worked for Hillary did not mean they would have the appropriate clearances. Even her top top people would not have those clearances, because they were not the Secretary of State, a cabinet level official. If she was sharing it with them, if they had access to it, they were all in violation of national security regulations. Hillary had zero latitude to unilaterally decide to share it nor let them view it.

That’s called “gross negligence”, which should have put her and her employees in jail. At an utter minumum, they all should have lost the ability to obtain any level of security clearance.

But, hey, it’s wonderful that Hillary, who aspires to be president, did not bother to (supposedly) take the security briefings on how to handle national security material, and apparently doesn’t have the mental aptitude to understand national security markings.

“Clinton did not recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system,” the FBI’s report on Clinton’s interview states. “She relied on State officials to use their judgment when emailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her email address.”

Except, she received a lot of them. Ones that should never have left the State Dept’s classified material email system. Ones that shouldn’t have been discussed in email to start with. She was the boss, though, and set the standard, which was that she just didn’t give a damn, and didn’t have the time to care whether it was classified in the least.

At several points during her interview with the FBI, Clinton said she relied on the judgment of other government officials when it came to the handling of classified information. When reviewing an email from October of 2012, for example, Clinton said that while she did not recall the message specifically, she described an individual involved with the communication as “someone who was well acquainted with handling classified information” and “described him as someone she held in high regard.”

She said she “relied on” the individual, whose name is redacted in the FBI notes, and she had “no concern over his judgement and ability to handle classified information.”

It boggles the mind that she takes classified material handling so casually. This was a major part of her job, not one which could be passed off to others. She was the boss. Now she wants to be president.

If Trump and Republicans do not bring this lack of caring, this gross negligence, this inability to be in charge up from now till election day, they don’t deserve to win. Trump needs to find a way to bring this up again and again during the debates.

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