BREAKING: James Comey Releases ‘Dirty Secret’ About Hillary Scandal

BREAKING: James Comey Releases ‘Dirty Secret’ About Hillary Scandal

FBI Director James Comey has taken a beating this last year and something tells me he didn’t receive as many Christmas cards as he normally would.

When he announced that the FBI didn’t recommend an indictment in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the right exploded into outrage and vitriol, and when he decided to reopen the case weeks before the election the left made him out to be some sort of monster who was trying to ruin Hillary’s chances of winning.

Since then, he’s mostly kept silent, but Tuesday he told all of America what we already knew, but needed confirmed.


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Fox News reported Comey’s admission that the FBI had not been allowed to investigate the DNC servers of the phone of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, which Democrats claim had been hacked by Russia.

Instead of allowing the FBI to handle the investigation, the Democratic National Committee relied on what Comey said was a “highly respected private company.” This company, Crowdstrike, eventually came to the conclusion that Russian hackers had carried out the phishing assault that gave hackers access to Podesta’s email account.

After further review by a different cyber-defense company, Wordfence, it was determined that the source of the hack was actually an old Ukrainian code, not a more sophisticated Russian one.

At the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Comey said that he would have preferred the FBI have direct access to the technology in question, as opposed to having to rely on the analyses of third-party contractors.

Fox News also noted Comey’s statements regarding Russian hacking of the RNC:

Comey acknowledged Tuesday that the Republican National Committee also was hacked but only with “limited penetration.” He also said the hackers gained access only to “old domains.”

He said the investigation also found evidence of “intrusions” on state-level voter databases but no activity was detected on Election Day.

Comey said there was no evidence that the Trump campaign was hacked and that Russia appeared to increase its activity on the Clinton campaign last summer as she increased her temporary lead over Trump.

Of course this will lead Democrats to scream about how Trump was working with Russia (of which there is no proof), but it also proves that the DNC wasn’t specifically targeted in an effort to help Trump. They were only able to get DNC emails due to poor security measures and that is certainly not the President-elect’s fault.

It’s also interesting to note that during the debate about the NSA, Democrats were the ones saying “Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing,” as a way to justify the blatant violation of the 4th Amendment. Well, what is on those servers that they feel the need to hide from the FBI?

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