BREAKING: Department Of Justice Just Made This CRUSHING Admission About Hillary…

BREAKING: Department Of Justice Just Made This CRUSHING Admission About Hillary…

Just as I thought… the Obama Administration has walked back Loretta Lynch recusing herself from the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. She originally made a statement that she would defer any decision to prosecute Hillary Clinton to career FBI prosecutors. I said at the time that she was only pretending to do so and it appears now, that is correct. After Lynch said that she will take a “step back” from the decision and let career prosecutors make the call – one she said she would accept – the Justice Department said that the attorney general will be the “ultimate decider.” There was never any doubt in my mind it would be that way… just as there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton will skate on all of this.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

The Justice Department’s chief spokeswoman confirmed to Yahoo News that at least two political appointees — Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates — will review the recommendations of career prosecutors and agents before any final determination is made.

“They all expect to receive and accept the recommendations,” Melanie Newman, the Justice Department’s chief of public affairs, said when asked about the role of Carlin and Yates, both of whom are appointees of President Obama. “But it is true they will all be in the process.”

Asked if either Carlin or Yates could overrule the recommendations of FBI agents and career prosecutors, Newman replied: “It is unlikely there will be such a circumstance. But, obviously, that possibility exists.” And, she added, “The AG is the ultimate decider.”

Those two political appointees will answer to Loretta Lynch. Lynch had said she would let others handle the investigation and decision on Hillary after being caught in the limelight with Bill Clinton confabbing on her plane for 30 minutes this week. She had to stall and deflect, and that is exactly what she did. Her so-called transparency is dishonesty and manipulation. “The recommendations will be reviewed by career supervisors in the Department of Justice and in the FBI and by the FBI director. And then, as is the common process, they present it to me and I fully expect to accept their recommendations,” Lynch previously said. I’m equally sure that Obama had a lot to do with all of this. Per The Federalist Papers Project, Lynch’s initial promise – to let career prosecutors make the decision whether or not to prosecute – falls short of a full recusal, which Lynch rejected. “A recusal would mean I wouldn’t even be briefed on what the findings were,” Lynch said. “While I don’t have a role in those findings or coming up with those findings, … I will be briefed on it and I will be accepting their recommendations.” Clinton was interviewed for three hours this morning by the FBI. They claim the investigation will be wrapped up at the end of this month. Don’t look for justice here… America has changed forever and justice is nowhere to be found anymore. Especially not anywhere near Hillary Clinton.

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