BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues Obama Admin Marching Orders – Very BAD NEWS For Hillary Clinton…

BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues Obama Admin Marching Orders – Very BAD NEWS For Hillary Clinton…

A federal judge has ordered the Obama Administration to hand over more emails from Hillary Clinton… specifically those having to do with the Clinton Foundation. The kicker is that they have to be released before the Democratic National Convention in July. Normally, I would say that is good news. However, I am not holding my breath here. Those emails will almost certainly be heavily redacted and will not affect her nomination. They will also not force the issue of an indictment. Frankly, I don’t think she will be indicted… if that were going to happen, I think it would have happened by now. And if she is indicted, I still think Obama would pardon her, if for nothing else to cover his own ass.

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From Young Conservatives:

A federal judge has ordered the Obama administration to release new emails connected to Hillary Clinton before Democratic National Convention in July.

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In an order late on Wednesday, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson told the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to hand over to the Republican National Committee (RNC) whatever records it could as part of an RNC’s open-records lawsuit on July 11.

After that, USAID will need to consult with the State Department about hundreds of other pages of documents, which could be released at some point in the future.

The RNC sued the aid agency in March, seeking two sets of communications: those between USAID officials and former aides at the State Department, as well as those between USAID and private domain names associated with Clinton, former President Bill Clinton and others including the Clinton Foundation. The effort appeared to be related to allegations that the former secretary of State’s family foundation had undue influence on USAID.

The RNC lawsuit was one of several it has filed seeking records connected to Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, in a preview of a battle sure to last through the general election.

The time frame would put the release of the first batch of emails just one week before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18th and two weeks before the Democratic National Convention begins on July 25th. The State Department is expert in stall tactics regarding Freedom of Information Act requests. They are likely to do that here as well. Late on Wednesday, the Obama Administration filed a motion trying to kill a different RNC open-records lawsuit targeting the State Department. That suit is seeking email messages from a number of Clinton’s former top aides. Just enough will be released so that the State Department can claim they cooperated, but it will be pretty much just fluff and stuff… nothing that will take the Hildabeast down. Good for the judge on ordering this, but I wouldn’t expect much more than a bone to be thrown in our direction.

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