BREAKING: Judge Orders State Bar To Investigate Lawyers Who Deleted Hillary’s Emails

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 12, 2017 1:36 pm

A Maryland judge has just ordered the state bar to open an investigation into the three attorneys who helped Hillary Clinton delete her private emails. Glory freaking hallelujah! Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. has stated that complaints lodged against David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were egregious and the state bar couldn’t dismiss them as frivolous. “There are allegations of destroying evidence,” Judge Harris said at a hearing held Monday morning. The judge says that the state’s rules require them to conduct an investigation regardless of who filed the complaint and the accusations can’t just be ignored. Good for him.

This announcement comes the day before Hillary Clinton releases her laughable book, “What Happened.” She is now embarking on a months-long book tour, explaining how she lost and justifying it. Ty Clevenger filed the complaint. He is an attorney who has pursued sanctions against Clinton and her legal team. He is also pushing the FBI to release details of its investigation into Hillary Clinton as well. His goal is to have Clinton and her lawyers suspended or disbarred.


Clevenger contends that Clinton’s attorneys helped her destroy emails from her private server during the last election. If you will remember, she turned over thousands of emails, but destroyed 33,000 of them, giving the excuse that they were ‘personal’ and of no consequence. Except her emails seemed to miss any mention of Benghazi and other hot issues. She claims they weren’t related to her work as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Bull feces. “My thesis is: If you are a politically prominent attorney, you are held to a different standard,” Clevenger said after the hearing, according to the The Baltimore Sun. “I’ve seen this in Texas, California … I chose this case because I knew people would pay attention.”

Judge Harris asked Assistant Attorney General Alexis Rhode, who represented the Office of Bar Counsel, “how the case was frivolous, but Rhode said she could not do so without releasing confidential information.” She then said, “Because all these complaints are confidential, I’m unable to put that before the court.” She made the argument that the case was frivolous anyway. The judge didn’t see it that way. Clevenger said it was the first time the complaint had been labeled as such. The bar counsel initially responded to Clevenger’s complaint by saying he has “no personal knowledge of the allegations presented in your correspondence, nor are you a personally aggrieved client or party possession material information that would assist this office in reviewing such allegations,” according to court documents.



After the bar counsel dismissed his complaint, Clevenger asked the judge to force the bar counsel to investigate the allegations. The Maryland Attorney General’s Office filed a motion to dismiss the case. That was denied by Judge Ronald A. Silkworth. The judge ruled that Clevenger had a right to request the investigation as Maryland law allows any person to file a bar grievance.

Rhode’s struck out with Judge Harris big time. “I just think this is a rather easy decision at this point,” he said. “The court is ordering bar counsel to investigate.” The butt covering by Clinton has already begun. This past weekend she acknowledged mistakes in handling her official government email account. “The most important of the mistakes I made was using personal email,” she said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. “I said it before, I’ll say it again, that was my responsibility. It was presented in such a negative way, and I never could get out from under it and it never stopped,” Clinton said. It’s never her fault and she always blames others. Except this time, a judge is not falling for Clinton or her attorney’s lame protestations.

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