Clinton’s empty schedule causes more speculation over health concerns

Clinton’s empty schedule causes more speculation over health concerns

Hillary Clinton won’t be making appearances for quite some time. She doesn’t have anything scheduled on her calendar, which you can view for yourself. She only has events organized by other people. What does that mean? Is she not well? Is she resting? Is she undergoing treatment for anything?

This summer has been occupied by the magical game of #WheresHillary because people aren’t seeing her do as much as Donald Trump.


From The Conservative Tree House:

Hillary Clinton is the first and only nominee for President who never held a press conference during the entire Democrat primary race. Yet, somehow she still won the Democrat presidential nomination. Quite a remarkable feat considering the lack of engagement. Then again, she appears to have multiple advocates in the media running cover.

Don’t you think she would be out mingling with the voters and trying to pander a few votes from minorities and special interest groups? Not too many people have seen her, which really has people speculating about her health.

Does this add to the list of reasons that Americans think she is unfit for office?

Where is she?

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