*CRINGE Video* – Pandering Hillary Humiliates Herself AGAIN: ‘My Best Friends Are Black…’

*CRINGE Video* – Pandering Hillary Humiliates Herself AGAIN: ‘My Best Friends Are Black…’

Major facepalm. Remember when the Hildabeast tried to be cool like Beyonce and claimed she had hot sauce in her purse? That was horrid. Or the time (now times) that she used a fake southern drawl? Made you want to crawl under a bed a pray for release, right? Well, buckle up. She ain’t noways tired yet and here comes Hillary calling black people on her team, ‘her crew’. That was part of her answer at the National Association of Black and Hispanic Journalists when she was asked what the most meaningful conversation was that she’s had with a black friend. Pandering at a whole new cringe-worthy level.


From Louder with Crowder:

“Oh my gosh. Can I tell you that I am blessed to have a crew of great friends,” Clinton said, prompting laughs from the audience.

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Clinton went on to name two of her chiefs of staff who she also described as her “African-American friends,” Maggie Williams and Cheryl Mills.

“I have been blessed to have people by my side in politics,” Clinton said. “I really have had a lifetime of friendship going back to my college years when one of my best friends was an African-American student.”

“They’ve supported me. They’ve chastised me. They’ve raised issues with me. They’ve tried to expand my musical tastes,” Clinton later joked.

“I can’t really pick one conversation out of 50 years of conversations,” the Democratic nominee added.

To be fair, it was a dumb question and it was meant to softball Clinton. But she handled it very badly. She’s told so many lies over her lifetime, evidently she keeps ‘short circuiting’ out. Seriously, though… I don’t ever remember going on about friends of one race or another. It would never occur to me to do that and it just seems uncouth. The lameness of the Hildabeast is legendary. None can hold a candle to her stupid facial expressions and just pathetic lies. But this time, she tried to outdo her own lameness. It’s like watching a train wreck… you just can’t look away.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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