FBI still digging into Clinton Foundation while Bill begs for fresh donations.

FBI still digging into Clinton Foundation while Bill begs for fresh donations.

Looks like the Clintons have fallen on hard times and are getting really desperate. Bill Clinton is now personally promising to triple every donation to the Clinton Foundation, up to $200,000. That’s because after Hillary Clinton failed to get elected, donations dried up altogether. The Foundation is a front for a criminal enterprise just as President-elect Donald Trump says it is. Political favors were granted in exchange for donations which were laundered to the Clintons.

I doubt that the life expectancy of the Clinton Foundation is very long. The FBI is still investigating them. Word is they are digging in New York, Little Rock, DC, Los Angeles and Miami. That doesn’t include the international investigations that are going on simultaneously. France, Germany and Australia all have investigations in play and heads are beginning to roll over involvement with the Clintons. The cash spigot has been turned off and it is highly doubtful it will ever be turned back on.


From Western Journalism:

Former President Bill Clinton has reportedly pledged to donate up to $200,000 to his family charity, the Clinton Foundation, despite reports that the foundation is still under investigation by the FBI.

“As we prepare for a new year, President Clinton and Chelsea remain dedicated to our work providing everyone a chance to succeed,” Clinton Foundation chairman Bruce Lindsey announced Wednesday in the family’s latest email to supporters.

“Your contribution before the end of the year is so important that President Clinton is personally TRIPLING every gift to the Foundation, up to $200,000,” the email added.

This announcement was issued exactly two weeks after The Daily Caller confirmed that the investigation into the foundation’s unscrupulous activities remained ongoing in the Bureau’s New York office.

“There were no instructions to shut it down, to discontinue or to stand down on the investigation, but to continue its work,” a former senior law enforcement official informed the news agency at the time.

This official had earlier claimed “that the FBI was conducting a multi-city probe of the foundation in as many as five cities: New York, Little Rock, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami.”

Bill and Chelsea Clinton are now the faces of the Foundation. Hillary is too high maintenance and too damaged as a brand. The latest email issued by the Foundation did not mention Hillary Clinton at all.

I would look for the Trump administration to keep going after the Clinton Foundation by various means. Hillary Clinton is by no means out of the woods on all her corrupt dealings. A rumor is swirling that both Hillary and Bill Clinton have their sights set on the UN. They will have to battle Barack Obama for that position and he will beat them once again probably. Where’s a dirty politico to go when the power and money all dry up? The UN is their last grasp at the brass ring and it sucks when even that corrupt bunch of evil asshats doesn’t want them.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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