Disabled Marine wears HILLarious shirt to a college, triggers weak snowflake Millennials

Disabled Marine wears HILLarious shirt to a college, triggers weak snowflake Millennials

David (Moose) McArthur III, a Marine Lance Corporal, was wounded in Afghanistan six years ago when his vehicle hit an IED. It left him with constant and staggering headaches and a traumatic brain injury. He is attending St. Louis Community College now to get a degree and better himself.

He decided to wear his “Hillary for Prison 2016” t-shirt to class and the reaction of other students was not pleasant. Dave was quite surprised by it. He certainly triggered those poor little snowflake millennials at that college.


From BizPac Review:

“I was wearing my ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ shirt. I wear the shirt for two reasons: One, to stir the pot. And two, because I actually believe that Hillary is not above the law and should be accountable for her actions and pay the piper for her wrongdoings just like every other criminal.”

From the kids at the school, I mostly got “looks.” A couple of smiles.

One girl asked me if I would rather have a racist as a president.

An African American boy told me that Trump supported slavery.

Another girl told me her boyfriend was Mexican and that Trump was going to send him back to Mexico. But when I asked where he was born, she said, “Texas.”

It got even more ridiculous. Some clueless moron who has not been listening to the scandals concerning Hillary’s emails or the Clinton Foundation went off on him. What he said really says it all:

The best one of the day was a young man with a nice set of headphones and an iPhone. He told me that I shouldn’t wear that shirt because it was offensive.

And I asked why.

He said that Hillary had done nothing to warrant her going prison, and that if Trump gets elected he’s going to take his mom off welfare.

Do tell. That’s a typical socialist attitude. So corruption is nothing to warrant prison huh? That is someone who doesn’t warrant higher education. Just my opinion. And if he’s afraid of his mom being thrown off welfare, good. She should be.

What I find shocking is that out of five teachers who commented on the shirt, four of them were positive. One even said, “I was hoping that didn’t say Hillary for president.” There was only one liberal teacher in the bunch who commented that the shirt just wasn’t right.

Imagine, a college that has non-Marxist, sane faculty. Parents take note and add that to the ‘good schools’ list.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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