FALLOUT: FBI’s New Criminal Investigation Has Early Voters Returning To Their Voting Stations!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 29, 2016 3:31 pm

In all my years[1] of covering politics, I have never heard of this happening. In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation being reopened by the FBI, early voters are actually returning to the polls for a do-over. A Clinton confidante is saying that people are shocked. I don’t know why… everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, knows that Clinton is corrupt as hell. The only reason she is not behind bars is that our intelligence agencies aren’t doing their jobs and other politicians lack the fortitude to lock her up. But I guess if you are living in a Unicorn-infested dream world, at least you are waking to the stubborn truth now.

We are ten days out from the election and Americans are reeling from an election that has been a wild ride to say the least. Personally, I just want the whole damn thing to be over. Clinton says Americans deserve all the facts, but she does the exact opposite. The woman is a congenital liar and a deeply evil and flawed politician.


From Independent Review Journal:

A Politico story sums up how damaging the FBI announcement has been to her presidential hopes:

Dashed are the hopes that the campaign could come to a conclusion on a high note, instilling in Americans a feeling that casting a history-making vote for Clinton is something more than merely a repudiation of Donald Trump.

Instead, Clinton is finding herself once again burdened by the twin scandals that have hung over her campaign since before she had a campaign — and devastating her image as an honest and trustworthy leader, even as she tried to make the case that she is the most experienced modern-day candidate for president, and the only option in the race who is responsible enough to handle the nuclear codes.

“People are shocked,” a Clinton confidant told Politico.

In Wisconsin and Minnesota, there are already reports of voters coming back to their polling offices to change their votes. And in Maine, the Secretary of State has allowed voters the option of switching votes in past elections. Depending on what happens this next week, the fallout could be brutal. And look for Clinton to drop something on Trump in retaliation. That’s just how she is. The two of them are virtually tied and the mud is really going to fly this week.

If Clinton should get elected, her scandals will follow her right into office. Andrew McCarthy and Mark Levin have both said impeachment proceedings should begin immediately and I agree. She could also be indicted. She would be a monstrous leader without the surrounding corruption. With it, she will be a useless figurehead.

Meanwhile, fundraising for Trump is off the charts according to his campaign manager. There is celebration and jubilation in the Trump camp. They smell blood in the water. Timing is everything in politics and it looks like the Hildabeast’s may have just run out.




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