A.G. Lynch Demanded Comey NOT Send Letter To Congress About Reopening Clinton Case…For Election Purposes [VIDEO]

A.G. Lynch Demanded Comey NOT Send Letter To Congress About Reopening Clinton Case…For Election Purposes [VIDEO]

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is every bit as bad as I thought she would be… and that’s pretty damn bad. She advised James Comey against sending a letter to Congress about the FBI’s reopened investigation into Clinton’s emails. She used the lame argument that the Justice Department does not take actions that could influence an election and neither should the FBI. As I understand it, Comey feels that Lynch is ‘compromised’ on the issue and he sent the memo anyway to FBI staffers explaining his decision to notify Congress.

This is something the FBI would evidently not ordinarily do. They don’t inform Congress of ongoing investigations… but something is different this time and this is looking more and more serious to me. Comey said he felt an ‘obligation’ given that he has testified repeatedly in recent months that the bureau’s investigation was completed. The claim that Comey only sent the letter to Republicans is incorrect. While only Republicans are listed at the top of Comey’s letter (because they hold all House committee chairmanships), Comey’s letter was also copied to the Democratic ranking members of each committee.


From the Daily Mail:

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch advised and objected against FBI Director James Comey’s move to send a letter to Congress to inform them about the reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Lynch argued to Comey that he should follow the Justice Department’s practice of not taking actions that could influence the outcome of a presidential election, The New Yorker reported on Saturday.

Comey broke from Lynch, who objected to the move along with the Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and independently sent the letter to Congress on Friday, dropping the bombshell about the restarted investigation based on newly discovered emails, rocking Clinton’s campaign.

Comey’s supporters argue that he had to break away from Lynch and act independently on the issue due to her compromising herself when she had an impromptu visit with former president Bill Clinton late into the investigation earlier this year.

This was a very brave thing to do as the FBI is under the umbrella of the Department of Justice. Comey’s career may be over after this is all said and done. But as far as redemptive moves, this was a pretty substantial one.

A massive number of new emails were discovered on a laptop shared by Huma Abedin and her estranged husband, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Looks like Clinton and Abedin forgot to cover all their bases and Carlos Danger did them all in. He may have just literally opened Pandora’s email box.

The laptop is said to have contained ‘tens-of-thousands of emails,’ a senior law enforcement official told Fox News on Saturday and the FBI restarted the Clinton investigation because the new emails were ‘pertinent’. In that letter, Comey said he had launched an investigation into the ‘pertinent’ exchanges to determine if any of the emails contain classified information and whether any of them are ‘significant’. Comey said that after learning about the emails, he advised the bureau to take ‘appropriate investigative steps’ to review them. Comey sent the letter to heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Judiciary Committees and two Appropriations subcommittees that deal with justice issues, as well as the House’s Oversight Committee and the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee.

Comey just flipped Hillary Clinton the bird. He’s now going to try and do the right thing I think – Democrats be damned. And they surely will be.





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