Get Ready: Hillary rumored to be considering another go at the White House in 2020

by Cassy Fiano | November 29, 2016 6:29 pm

Since Hillary Clinton was defeated in her second run for the presidency, many have assumed that she’ll finally be going away for good. If they think that, though, then they don’t know the Clintons. Not only is Hillary not leaving the public eye, she’s already considering another run for the White House[1] in 2020… or so the rumors go.


Sources say that Hillary’s recount efforts are just part of her long-term plan to run again in four years. And the person floating this idea is Ron Fournier, member of the White House Press Corps.

Does Hillary think that she actually has a chance in 2020, or is this just a baseless rumor? She will still have the same problems in 2020 that she had in 2016. The DNC did everything they could to get her into the Oval Office and they failed miserably. Will Democrats want to line up behind Hillary again? Streiff at RedState says yes. “…you can never go wrong by betting on Bill or Hillary Clinton to engage in craven opportunism,” Streiff wrote. “[T]he DNC is owned and operated by the Clintons. It is staffed by Clinton loyalists. It floats on cash raised by the Clinton fundraising apparatus. As we saw this year, if Hillary Clinton decides to put in her dentures, pull on her Depends and make another White House run in 2020, no one in the DNC is going to stand in her way.”

Even if theoretically, Democrats are willing to give her another shot, will actual voters feel the same way? Donald Trump polled as less popular than she did, but not by much — voters didn’t like Hillary. Many of them were bitter and angry at having Hillary shoved down their throats. There’s no reason to suspect that would change in four years.

Technically, Hillary could run again in 2020. But it probably wouldn’t be the smartest move — not for her, or for the Democratic party.

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