GOP Launches Multiple Investigations Of Hillary Clinton


Will anything come of this? Other than highlighting that Hillary (and Bill) are extremely shady people who used their influence and public offices for graft for their own enrichment, probably not. First, the GOP doesn’t seem to have the cajones to take any investigation further (hence the call for a separate special counsel), and, 2nd, there’s probably just enough separation for Hillary (and Bill) to avoid prosecution, just enough doubt in the documents

(The Hill) It’s almost been a year since the 2016 presidential election, but Republicans are putting the spotlight back on a familiar political foil: Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, top House Republicans launched a pair of investigations. The Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees will jointly investigate the FBI’s probe into Clinton’s handling of classified documents. Meanwhile, the latter committee with the Intelligence committee will jointly probe the sale of a uranium company to a Russian firm when Clinton was secretary of State.

The seemingly coordinated investigations — which were announced within a half-hour of each other — is sure to fire up the conservative base and infuriate Democrats who want House investigators to more rigorously probe Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 election in favor of Donald Trump.

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Well, now, that’s not written in a somewhat subtly biased manner, is it? Regardless, the Uranium One investigation itself isn’t focuses exclusively on Hillary, but on the deal overall. As for her handling of classified documents, well, when a 2nd report showed that FBI Director Comey decided not to recommend charges well before the conclusion of the investigation, and new documents come out about the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, more investigation is needed. Democrats and some squishy Republicans think this is old news. Well, a lot of what Weistein did was old news, as well. Things that happened decades ago. One would think that corruption, taking bribes, soliciting bribes, using the office for personal gain, and careless handling of classified material would be worth a look to try and keep government honest.

In related news to the “scandal free Obama administration”, there is apparently a smoking gun memo regarding the Eric Holder DOJ that reveals that they intentionally blocked Conservative groups from being awarded settlement payouts that were not denied to Liberal groups, which was an abuse of power, and the funds, long suspected, were being used as a government slush fund to supporting groups.

Also, the Hillary campaign and the DNC are definitively linked to the uttely-discredited Trump dossier created by Fusion GPS.

And, the Obama era unmasking of Americans, particularly those linked to Trump, and having information leaked to friendly media (violation of National Security Act), will go a step further with the testimony of Ben Rhodes. We’ll see if he pleads the 5th.

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