Hillary Clinton: ‘Deeply Troubling’ Trump Attacks Black Athletes For Peaceful Protest And Not Racists [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton: ‘Deeply Troubling’ Trump Attacks Black Athletes For Peaceful Protest And Not Racists [VIDEO]

It’s 2017 and we still have to talk about Hillary Clinton because she keeps showing up to make stupider and stupider comments. This time she’s up a tree saying that Trump is a racist Putin-loving, KKK member for his stance on standing for the National Anthem at NFL games.

Hilldog appeared on Charlie Rose, whose show has been running since Monica Lewinsky was still an innocent 20 year-old, to tell us that Trump is “sending a message” with his NFL tweets. For an example, here’s one of his messages:

But this isn’t good enough for Shillary. If Trump says that something has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with race! Here’s the current line she’s trotting out, with the video link to the interview below:

“[Trump] goes after black athletes that are standing for what they believe by their protests…[Trump says] they should be fired, calls them S.O.B.s, goes after them, he doesn’t do that to white supremacists, neo-NAzis, Klan members, or Vladimir Putin. He is very strategic about who he attacks. It is a huge loud dog whistle to his supporters, that we’re still on the same wavelength.”

When Charlie Rose mentioned that Trump denounced the people Hillary mentioned, she said, “Oh, he’s so full of it.”

It’s 2017, Hillary lost the election and yet she’s still on television every single day, and she thinks Trump is the one who’s full of it? And did you really have to say that athletes are standing up for what they believe in when they’re doing the exact opposite physical action? Who’s writing your scripts these days? Fire them.

Also, a note on “dogwhistling.” First off, only the dogs can hear a dog whistle. If you on the left side can hear these dogwhistles, then you’re either one of the people he’s signalling to or he’s being a straight shooter. In what world is denouncing neo-Nazis a call for people to support neo-Nazis? Second of all, it’s called frogwhistling and you’re the one who first said that a cartoon frog called Pepe was a Nazi symbol of the alt-right. If you’re going to freak out about a small portion of the political landscape every day you wake up, then at least get the terminology right.

Just look at these horrible racist tweets about the NFL by Trump.

My assumption is that Hillary is the one who likes to use coded language to talk about people of different races, so that’s why she’s trying so hard to say Trump does the same thing. Last year, she was all over the news crying that Trump was a racist because he was being racist to Pocahontas. When Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox News to give his opinion on Hillary and fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, he correctly pointed out that the word “racist” has lost all meaning and that’s it’s rich that Democrats still support Planned Parenthood, the organization that kills more blacks than any other group in history.

Here’s the one minute video:

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