Hillary Clinton Has Message For America: “I Have No Intention Of Running Again” [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Has Message For America: “I Have No Intention Of Running Again” [VIDEO]

Whew! America, it seems, has dodged a bullet. Not only did she not win the 2016 election, but Hillary Clinton has announced that she will not run for office again. At the
Women in the World conference this past Thursday in New York, she gave the entire nation a collective sigh of relief as she assured us that she will refrain from attempting to boondoggle her way into some sort of public office.

Hillary bemoaned her devastating loss in last November’s Presidential election to Donald Trump and described the effect on her outlook, saying, “The aftermath of the election was so devastating. I had to make up my mind I was going to get out of bed, yes; I was going to take walks in the woods, yes.” Well Hillary, we are all for your continued walks in the woods and communing with nature. Walk all you want, just don’t walk back into the national political scene.

Hillary says she won’t run again and while that fact is comforting, it doesn’t erase the haunting possibility that her mini-me might run for office. Rumors were swirling about a possible Senate run for Chelsea Clinton, although Chelsea, 37, has denied them and stated she is not running for any office. That denial certainly does not rule out a future change of mind. We can only hope she continues to be disinterested in political office because the Clinton family’s brand of public “service” is simply not good for America.

Hillary seems to be making the rounds of women’s events these days. Which is far better than making the rounds of the White House again. At least the antiques and art works are safe for a while longer. Go ahead and have all the interviews at Liberal events you’d like, Hillary. No doubt there’s still some mileage left on your fundraising ability. We are just glad we don’t have to call you Madame President.

See video below.


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