Hillary Clinton Seriously Just Compared Herself To WONDER WOMAN [WATCH]

by Sierra Marlee | June 15, 2017 4:06 pm

I don’t know why you laugh at this. I mean seriously, Hillary Clinton is exactly like Wonder Woman; she doesn’t understand humans at all.

Oh, that’s not what she meant? Oh boy, she’s just as delusional as everyone thinks she is. How hilariously terrible.


In a pre-recorded statement aired at the Women in Film Los Angeles’ Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills, Hillary Clinton actually compared herself to the fictional DC superhero, Wonder Woman.

“Now I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I’m going to, in part because it’s directed by the fabulous Patty Jenkins,” Clinton said. “But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley.”

And why is she so in love with the idea of the Wonder Woman story? Because as she says, both she and the character want to “save the world.”

Or you know. Something.

Clinton also went on to honor actress Elizabeth Banks, who stumped for her during the Democratic National Convention and ripped Trump in the media.

“She is such a special person, again, on screen and off,” Clinton pandered. “You’re not only a creative force in front of the camera and behind it, you are a passionate advocate for women’s equality and opportunity; I can vouch for that.”

Watch the cringe-worthy video below:

Does anyone else see this as nothing short of Clinton pandering to people who already have her back and attempting to use the popularity of Wonder Woman to her advantage? A piece of advice to Clinton, who will never hear anything I have to say, but at least I can say I tried:

For the love of Mary, stop trying to act like a person. It’s embarrassing and totally not you. Embrace the fact that you’re nothing but an elite progressive shill and roll with it.

H/T: Breitbart[10]

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