Hillary in PANIC MODE After LGBT Community Gives Her THIS Game Changing Message

by Cassy Fiano | June 22, 2016 9:50 pm

It’s pretty hard for liberals to lose the support of the LGBT community, but somehow, Hillary Clinton has managed to do just that. It turns out that telling gay people to be sitting ducks for terrorists to pick off doesn’t make them very happy.

hillary lgbt[1]

From Young Conservatives:

People are slowly starting to realize that Clinton would not curb the rise of Islamic jihadists, and they want to know that a real leader is going to take charge and keep them protected.

From Gateway Pundit:


From Akinokure:

According to the Reuters tracking poll, since June 13 Hillary’s poll numbers have tanked among registered voters who are not straight — falling from 65% to nearly 40%. Slightly more of them actually said they would vote for someone else or wouldn’t vote at all (42%), way up from the 20% that they started with before the Islamic terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Trump has also seen increasing support from the gays, from 7% to 17%, although that is still within the range that he had been getting earlier in the race.

The major change is Hillary’s cratering support from the cultural left’s sacred minority group du jour — far lower than the previous low points in the race.

Quite simply, they see how weak she is on dealing with Islamic terrorism, and they may also have become wise to how many tens of millions in bribes Crooked Hillary has taken from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries that punish homosexuality with death.

The gays have also become far more in favor of a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the country, a more extreme position than Trump is proposing. In early June, they were over 80% against the ban, and now are only 55-60% against. More are outright in favor, and more are merely uncertain (at least being open to it, instead of closed off to it).

This is a pretty big deal.

Gun control is the Democrats’ bread and butter lately, so it makes sense that Hillary would pivot to that. But she may have failed to realize that, it turns out, people would rather keep themselves alive than toe the Democrat line at any cost.

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