Hillary reveals she bought $1.6 million property next door to her home [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | September 12, 2017 2:28 am

In America today, we are dealing with a potential attack from Korea, the President changing alliances from one swamp (Republicans) to another swamp (Democrats) and garbage race-baiters, along with a multitude of other upside down and insane problems… so, let’s take a much needed break and mock someone we all love to mock – Hillary Clinton.

She’s back in the news again and like always, it’s not making her public image any better. Apparently, she spent a whopping $1.6 million on a house next to her’s in a New York neighborhood, all in preparation for her crowning achievement of becoming President of the United States!

WRONG again, Hills!


In an interview with Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning over the weekend, she confessed to having dropped the huge amount of cash to buy out her neighbor’s home to house her non-existent security team. Whoops! Boy did she ever get ahead of herself. Hillary’s explanation:

“I know something about what it takes to move a president and I thought I was going to win.”

Of course, she said that she’s enjoyed having both homes…right next to each other. It’s not quite clear as to why she would like having two homes to herself. Oh yes! Maybe one is for Bill, while she stays in the other. I mean come on, you can definitely see that being a possibility. If there was ever a marriage of convenience, those two would be the models.

‘What Happened’ is the title of her terrible memoir of the election. It’s going to have a release this week and I can’t believe that it will fair any better than her last fire starter. She even claims to have taken the time to ‘reflect’ on the election and used the dinning room table in the new home to reflect and write about how she came to lose to a reality TV host.


Here’s Hillary on a portion of what her book contains:

“I started the campaign knowing that I was going to have to work extra hard to make women and men feel comfortable with the idea of a woman president,” Hillary said of her prospects in the 2016 race. “It doesn’t fit into the stereotype we all carry around in our head. And a lot of the sexism and misogyny was in service of these attitudes like: “We really don’t want a woman commander and chief.””

Please, gouge my eyes out if they ever fall upon a single paragraph of this woman’s book, ugh!

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