Hillary Still Not Answering Questions on Her Glitzy Fundraising I Mean “Listening” Tour

You would think a “listening tour” would entail listening to questions and then providing answers — except that it is actually a euphemism for glitzy fundraising tour:

On Wednesday evening, 2016 presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser in Manhattan. Among the guests: Beyonce and Jay Z, both of whom were major fundraisers for Barack Obama. Other guests included TV reality star Sharon Osbourne and singer Meghan Trainor. The price of admission: $2,700 per person. Hillary reportedly raised up to $1.1 million from the event.

Hillary’s “listening tour,” designed to show her down-to-earth, grassroots style, looks more like one of President Obama’s Hollywood tours at this point. She’s held 16 different fundraisers over the past month, most in swanky locales like Haim Saban’s yard in Beverly Hills.

She is still, however, avoiding questions. Thus far in her campaign, she has answered a grand total of 13 questions. These ranged from the blasé (“How do you win this time?”) to the mockable (“How are you liking Iowa?”), from the stupid (“Is it good to be back out here again?”) to the even more stupid (“What do you think the importance of the Iowa caucus will be in the upcoming election?”).

In case Shrillary ever starts listening to our questions, Ben Shapiro has better ones:

• Why Did You Specifically Set Up a Private Email Server As Secretary of State?
• Why Didn’t You Comply With State Department Guidelines In Hiding Clinton Foundation Donations?
• What Relationships Do You Have With Particular Media Members?
• Should Women Be Permitted to Abort Full-Term Babies?
• Why Do You Think Religious Americans Should Be Re-Educated?
• Did You Make The Right Decision in Libya?
• Did Your Russian Re-Set Work?
• Why Didn’t You Label Boko Haram a Terrorist Group?

Even the establishment media might be interested in hearing some answers from our presumed next president. But whether they will exert the pressure necessary to get them remains to be seen. We know no Republican would get away with arrogantly stonewalling on critical issues.

At least she’ll listen to Jay Z.

On a tip from Petterssonp. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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