What About Hillary’s Decades Of Humiliating Women?

That’s what Lifezette writer Kathryn Blackhurst wants to know. She spends a few paragraphs on the media “firestorm” over the “fat shaming” (sigh) of Ms. Universe Alicia Machado, before noting

The media jumped on the opportunity to bash Trump for something he said decades earlier and help paint Clinton as a feminist defender.

But what about Juanita Broaddrick? Or Paula Jones? Or Kathleen Willey? Or Gennifer Flowers? You won’t see Anderson Cooper bring these women on and ask how they felt when they were humiliated and maligned by Hillary Clinton or assaulted by her husband.

“Hillary likes to call Donald out for shaming women, calling them names, repeating the names he’s called them. But let’s remember one thing: Hillary Clinton has called me a bimbo for the last 19 years,” Willey said Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “It started years ago in Arkansas. So she doesn’t have a whole lot of room to talk about who’s calling women names.”

Willey, a former White House volunteer, claimed that former President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in a private study in the Oval Office in 1993. As the author of the 2007 book, “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton,” Willey represents one of the so-called “bimbo eruptions” that the Clintons and their surrogates tried to suppress and discredit.

“They all called us bimbos. They called us sluts. They called us whores,” Willey said. “If you ask somebody a word comparison, you put our names up there and you ask somebody a word to describe us, it’s probably going to be, unfortunately, ‘bimbos’ — instead of we’re victims of Bill Clinton’s. And [Hillary Clinton’s] OK with that. She just hasn’t called off her dogs when it comes to that.”

Will the media run with this? Of course not. Monica Lewinsky was called a “narcissistic loony toon” by Hillary (who has never denied that). She called Gennifer Flowers “trailer trash.” When former Sen. Bob Packwood was accused of sexual harassment, Clintontold her friend Blair that she was “tired of all those whiney women,” and that she needed Packwood on health care. A private investigator named Ivan Duda claims that, after Bill lost his second governor’s race, Hillary told him: “I want you to get rid of all these b****** he’s seeing . . . I want you to give me the names and addresses and phone numbers, and we can get them under control.”

If you remember, Hillary said earlier this year on the subject of sexual assault that “everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence.” Yet, Hillary not only didn’t believe the credible accusers, which stands at over ten women, but actively worked to destroy them.

Here’s a question for Team Trump: why are you not out there on the attack against Hillary with this?

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