Hillary’s Economic Plans For All Americans…TAXES!

Hillary’s Economic Plans For All Americans…TAXES!

Hillary’s Marxist tax plan would be a death blow to the US. Just look what Obama has done. Even with the downright revisionist numbers he puts out about the economy, you can’t hide the fact that his taxation methods have been disastrous for America. Hillary would be far worse, if that is conceivable. She’s not even trying to hide it – she intends to tax the rich until there are no more rich, except for a few who have been so helpful that is. This is the same rhetoric you got from Bernie Sanders by the way. It is Marxism, pure and simple. If you tax those who are productive and successful into oblivion, then there are no jobs for people and there is no profit to be made. This is why socialism does not work… it merely levels the playing field to where everyone is destitute and living in virtual slavery.


From The National Review:

This economy may be perilously close to recession. That was the message of the second-quarter real-GDP report and its meager 1.2 percent growth rate.

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Over the past year, real GDP has slipped to a paltry 1.2 percent. Business investment continues to fall. Building and factory construction has dropped sharply. Productivity is flat. The profits recession is still in force.

And what’s the Hillary Clinton plan? Tax us into prosperity.

In her own words at the DNC on Thursday night, this is the fix: “Wall Street, corporations, and the super-rich are going to start paying their fair share of taxes.” Why? “Not because we resent success. [!] Because when more than 90 percent of gains have gone to the top 1 percent, that’s where the money is.”

And while it is true that Trump’s tax plan looks far more conservative on paper, remember, he wants to tax the rich as well. His insincere promises may indeed win him the election, but don’t look for Donald Trump to be a tax warrior. That will shift and change just like every other promise he has ever made. Both Clinton and Trump are part of the 1% they rail against. Do you really think they are going to willingly hurt their own wealth? Americans are being bamboozled and used on the left and the right and can’t seem to see it. It’s dangerous and alarming. Yes, Hillary is getting millions from Super-PACs, while Trump has received relatively little. This showcases the corruption of Clinton’s campaign. But I’d really like to know the sources of Trump’s funds as well. He won’t release his tax returns which is very telling. Both candidates are awash in foreign funds I would wager – Clinton from the Middle East and China and Trump from Russia. Be careful what you believe here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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