Hillary’s Other Illness Revealed! Uncovered When She Lets It Slip To Reporter [VIDEO]

Hillary’s Other Illness Revealed! Uncovered When She Lets It Slip To Reporter [VIDEO]

Okay, that was a little tongue-in-cheek… but she does seem to have a hearing problem, or more to the point, an evasive problem. As reporters clamored around her for a statement on her battle with Donald Trump, she started sampling chocolates from a vendor. She went on and on and on about how good they were. Then the pandering started… she instructed the vendors to give some to each of the press because they work so hard. Yes, schilling for Clinton is definitely hard work. Oh boy.

She expertly dodged questions by keeping her mouth fool of confections. Just disgusting. But then again, what did you expect from the Hildabeast? It has been 264 days since the Democratic nominee held a formal press conference and I guess her record is firmly in place after today.


From Gateway Pundit:

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It must be great to be media’s favorite candidate.

Hillary Clinton has not held a press conference since December 15th.

It doesn’t look like that will change before the November election.

Reporters today tried to ask Hillary questions.

She responded, “Have some chocolates.”

This happened in Reno, Nevada – just embarrassing. After Clinton and Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve pressed the flesh with voters at Hub Coffee Roasters, employees of the nearby Dorinda’s Chocolates offered Hillary a sample from a platter of chocolate truffles. And as journalists pushed forward with questions, she urged them to fill up their mouths with sweets instead. Bread and circuses anyone?

“I want you to offer some to the press,” Clinton told the coffee shop staff in an outdoor courtyard after one reporter asked: “Why not outright call Donald Trump a racist today?” Instead, she cooed at the press, “They are so wonderful, so cooperative, so hard-working. They deserve a piece of chocolate,” she said. What? Is she trying to play grandmother now? The extended attempt at luring Clinton into an unscripted Q-and-A began with a journalist calling out: “Now’s a good time for a question, right?” His query was met with cackling laughter.

Another reporter, from CNN, asked her a question about her husband, former President Bill Clinton, but Hillary wouldn’t play along. Not all the journalists got chocolate either. That’s Hillary for you… she plays dumb, evades and runs out the clock… that is until she’s elected.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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