#HillarySoQualified Trend BACKFIRES Big Time When Twitter Users HIJACK It And Do THIS…

#HillarySoQualified Trend BACKFIRES Big Time When Twitter Users HIJACK It And Do THIS…

As pointed out below, the only thing Hillary Clinton is qualified for is prison. #HillarySoQualified is making the rounds on Twitter. But it’s not producing the outpouring envisioned by the Clinton acolyte who started the campaign. Hillary is being roundly mocked all over the place for this, just as she should be. The only thing trending for the Hildabeast is an orange pant suit that I’m sure she would totally rock behind bars. Bernie Sanders is avoiding her felonies, but pounding out to his followers that Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified for shoe shining. Then again, neither is he, but I digress.

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From Young Conservatives:

Hillary Clinton is unqualified to be president for a number of reasons, and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld broke things down perfectly earlier today.

However, the hashtag #HillarySoQualified made the rounds today on Twitter, but it backfired big time.

Check out some of these tweets…

From The Blaze:

In response, one supporter of the former secretary of state, 37-year-old Kim Frederick, created the hashtag “#HillarySoQualified” as a way to vent her frustration with Sanders. Frederick, who described herself as an “unbelievably enthusiastic” Clinton supporter during an interview with the Washington Post, said Sanders’ comments made her “beyond fiercely angry.”

It’s simply laughable that anyone would defend this woman or that they would support her in the first place. Whitewater, Emailgate and Benghazi are just three of the things on a very long list why Hillary should not be president. Not to mention she’s also a stone cold Marxist. Sanders is basically an incompetent, math-challenged communist. Neither should even be allowed in the White House much less elected as president. As Greg Gufteld put it: “[Clinton & Sanders] aren’t even qualified to actually have the actual debate about qualifications.” Too true.

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