Judge Jeanine Humiliates Hillary, Says “Obama and the Clinton’s Sold Us Out” [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine Humiliates Hillary, Says “Obama and the Clinton’s Sold Us Out” [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine is on another Hillary Clinton tear. This time it has to do with Obama and Clinton selling our country out over the Uranium One deal. Pirro slammed the deal with Russia. It happened when the FBI was monitoring racketeering in that deal. “Obama and the Clintons sold us out- our uranium and with it the security of our nation,” Pirro said on “Justice” Saturday. A report surfaced this week that both the FBI and the Justice Department are investigating extortion, money laundering, bribery and kickback schemes between Russia and the U.S. aimed at growing Russia’s nuclear industry in America.

“Context is everything,” Pirro said. “The backdrop of the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium to the Russians was Putin’s ongoing racketeering enterprise that the Obama inner circle knew about and the FBI and Department of Justice were actually monitoring and investigating and yet subsequently allowed the transfer to Russia.” The FBI and the DOJ buried what they had found and it is now just coming to light. Trump is not the Russia story here… he never was. It’s Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their dirty dealings with the Russkies that should be front page news.

And it’s not just the Uranium One deal. It’s $500,000 to Bill Clinton for one speech. It’s the elephant in the room called ‘Skolkovo’, where Clinton helped set up Russia’s version of Silicon Valley, made millions off of it and armed the Russians in cyber warfare against her own country. Meanwhile, Obama was being ‘flexible’ and had his own shady dealings with the Russians.

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During the Uranium One deal, Russia arranged to have millions of dollars flow into the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time. Both Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein are investigating Russia and any ties to the Trump administration, as well as Trump himself. But both of them were involved in the Uranium One deal. It’s like investigating yourself. They should both recuse themselves for conflicts of interest here. Andrew McCabe, the FBI agent handling the uranium investigation, also handled Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. This is dirty all the way around and absolutely corrupt.

“The sale of our uranium and the cash that went to the Clintons and their foundation was accompanied by a racketeering operation that was allowed to literally disappear before our eyes,” Judge Jeanine concluded. Jeff Sessions should have this investigated and prosecuted immediately and to the full extent of the law. Everyone involved, including Mueller and Rosenstein should be held accountable. No one is above the law. Paging Jeff Sessions, stat.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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