Judge Pirro Goes Full Blast And Destroys Hillary in Three Words [VIDEO]

Judge Pirro Goes Full Blast And Destroys Hillary in Three Words [VIDEO]

If you’re like me, the very idea of the Clinton family is enough to make you queasy. I’m only 22 and yet I’ve had enough of all of them to last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, they’re not going to go away any time soon which means that we will continue to hear about them (for better and worse) for years to come. As long as those headlines are accompanied by a photo of Hillary being hauled to jail and handcuffs and Bill Clinton breaking out his cigar collection, I honestly don’t care.

It would appear that Judge Pirro has had similar feelings lately and expressed them in her “Opening Statement” on her Fox News show Saturday night.

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“It’s time to shut it down, turn the tables and lock her up,” she stated during her monologue. “That’s what I said. I actually said it. Lock her up.”

“Lock her up” was a chant commonly heard among Trump supporters, who believed that Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for her various crimes, which now include potentially taking bribes from the Kremlin in exchange for Uranium.

She continued her statement, arguing that Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should “be fired immediately” for their inappropriate handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. She also indicated that she believed former FBI director James Comey needed to be investigated for his potential role in facilitating the Uranium One deal between the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Russian government, from whom she received $500,000 in “speaking fees” for a speech from Bill.

Watch Pirro’s Opening Statement below:

"Lock her up. That's what I said. I actually said it: LOCK HER UP." – Judge Jeanine Pirro http://bit.ly/2xwXXsQ

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, October 28, 2017

“It’s time for the Republicans to step up to the plate to man up and do their job or get the hell out,” she finished.

And it’s true, Republicans need to realize that they represent their constituencies, the majority of which voted for Trump. Regardless of their personal feelings, they are in Congress so that we can have a voice. If it bothers them to do what their people ask of them, then they need to resign so someone more capable can take their place. It’s not a difficult job, but it’s one that involves swallowing your pride and sometimes voting against your own personal beliefs on a subject simply because the people who elected you demand you do so.

Hillary absolutely should be locked up for what she’s done. She put our entire country in danger in her Uranium One deal and according to the left, Russia is the ultimate monster, right?

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