JUST IN: FBI Releases Hillary Rodham Clinton Emails… The Truth Is Out!

JUST IN: FBI Releases Hillary Rodham Clinton Emails… The Truth Is Out!

While all hell was breaking loose on the political front this weekend between the Golden Globes and other Trump smear fests, the FBI uber quietly released 300 pages of records that were part of their investigation into Hillary Clinton and her email debacle. It was of course ignored by the media. The subject matter of the records was far from favorable towards Hillary Clinton.

Evidently an FBI official warned the FBI in general in April of 2015 that they were going to be dragged into the Clinton mess. The Daily Caller clarified that “forum shopping” meant “seeking a favorable opinion on the classification issue by asking different officials to rate emails as unclassified.” So, it’s obvious the State Department went shopping for a favorable opinion on classification of the emails. That’s called corruption.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Last Sunday saw bitterly contested NFL games and the Golden Globes — but while America was wrapped up in television, the FBI quietly released 300 pages of records from its investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, The Daily Caller reported.

This fifth Clinton investigation release by the FBI on its vault website touched on several topics, and they weren’t favorable toward the Clintons.

In April 2015, an FBI official emailed other FBI officials, warning them that the State Department was going to be dragging them into the Clinton email classification issue.

“You’re about to get drug (sic) into an issue on classification of the Clinton emails,” the official wrote.

“They are contesting CTD’s classification decision and would like to discuss it with you. (Forum shopping I believe.) I’ll call you and give you some info, then they’ve asked if you could call _____ (last name I think)

WikiLeaks announced the release of the records trying to get people to notice it, unfortunately most were more interested in football. Fox News also reported that the Department of Justice and the FBI also found that foreign “actors” had been able to get their hands on the material. That’s something we pretty much already knew, but it’s being verified now.

The July 2016 message said, “The FBI did find that hostile foreign (entities) successfully gained access to the personal email accounts of individuals associated with whom Clinton was in regular contact and, in doing so, obtained emails sent or received by Clinton on her personal account.” As I said all along, Clinton violated the Espionage Act over and over again. She should be in jail. Letting her walk was a monstrous travesty of justice.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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