Limbaugh Issues WARNING Against Losing Sight Of WikiLeaks Revelations After FBI Announcement

Limbaugh Issues WARNING Against Losing Sight Of WikiLeaks Revelations After FBI Announcement

Rush Limbaugh and I, on this issue, are pretty much in agreement. He warned that the reopening of Hillary’s email scandal by Comey and the FBI could be a diversion meant to dilute the impact of WikiLeaks. That’s very astute and it could be. Rush said that this focus on the emails could go on four or five days and then be dropped. Again true. We should be watching both areas of interest and going over all that is out there. Limbaugh also made my point that I wrote on earlier today… this may be a shot at redemption for Comey and payback time. I guess we’ll see.

“I suspect there will be those who theorize that Comey has been wallowing in guilt all of this time and finally … he realizes that he can no longer continue to act like nothing happened here when … there was so much going on and that there was intent to hide it and there was knowledge of trafficking in classified data and that the president was engaging in it after lying and saying he wasn’t,” Limbaugh said. I don’t think guilt has anything to do with it… I think revenge, however, might. Clinton threw Comey to the wolves of Congress. This may be his shot at cleaning up his legacy and giving Clinton what for in the process. Loyalty is a convenience in politics born of money, power and circumstance.


From Western Journalism:

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Talk show host Rush Limbaugh warned the American people on Friday that the FBI’s terse announcement that it was reviewing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails could be a tactic to divert attention from the significant damage being inflicted on her campaign by the steady onslaught of revelations from WikiLeaks.

Speaking as the initial announcement of the FBI’s action was being made, Limbaugh said he owed it to the American people to present a cynic’s view of Friday’s announcement.

“The cynical view is that [FBI Director James] Comey is still carrying water for Clinton and is trying to get everybody to stop paying attention to the WikiLeaks dump because it’s starting to have an impact,” Limbaugh said.

“So you announce you’re opening the inquiry, get everybody all hot and bothered and focused on it, and then after three or four or five days, announce that it was a false alarm, nothing to see here. The investigation is now officially over — and, meanwhile, in that five-day period everybody’s forgotten about … WikiLeaks,” Limbaugh said.

He added that while he was not a cynic, such a view fits with the way Washington works.

I don’t support WikiLeaks. I believe they are a propaganda tool for the Russians. But they have awakened Americans to the depth of corruption in their leaders. After these revelations, even Clinton’s confidantes and own staff realize how utterly dirty she is. Many are trying to distance themselves before she finally implodes spectacularly one way or the other.

“ … everybody in her staff talking about this knows it was the wrong thing to do. They’re all talking about how to shield it, how to stop it, how to protect it. … Everybody knew it was wrong,” Rush said. And while that is true, remember they chose to stay anyway. It’s one thing to be in the dark and caught up in a scandal, it’s quite another to be fully cognizant of it and stay on board.

Whatever was found “must be profound for them to reopen the investigation,” Limbaugh said. “Whatever they have must be pretty stunning.” I agree with that as well and would really like to know what it is. The instant this hit, it started to really impact Clinton’s campaign and she lied at a press conference immediately trying to throw shade on the Republicans over it. The stock market dropped as well over the news. This could cost her the election… but in the midst of that hope, don’t take your eyes off more dirt coming out on Clinton.


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