Limbaugh Releases Hillary Video – In Less Than 2 Minutes It BROKE THE INTERNET! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 10, 2016 3:24 pm

Rush Limbaugh is the king[1] of exposing the obvious for those who can’t see the light. He’s done it again in this video montage of Hillary Clinton and her ‘fake news’. If you haven’t heard, she is now blaming her loss to Trump on fake news from the right. Fake news to Clinton is any post or article that doesn’t agree with or promote her. We can thank our lucky stars she was not elected, because censorship would have become a way of life in the US. She’s showing us just how much she would have blamed free speech for just about anything that would have gone wrong during her administration.

The video is fantastic… an instant classic as Limbaugh’s usually are. He has always roundly despised Clinton and rightly so. Rush’s only goal in this last election was to make sure Hillary did not win. Her lies are never ending as you can see in this video. They span decades.


From Young Conservatives:

“Fake News” is all about stories comprised of lies combined with misleading headlines.

Liberals believe enough of these stories about Hillary Clinton swung the election for Donald Trump.

The funny thing is, nobody pushed more “fake news” than Democrats and Hillary Clinton herself.

If her lips were moving, Hillary was lying.

Same goes for her surrogates.

Most certainly for the MSM, as well.

Here’s a video from Rush Limbaugh covering Hillary’s “fake news”…

The majority of fake news is coming from the left and propaganda outlets. Yes, there is clickbait out there, but it is incumbent on each of us to read as much as we can and make informed decisions on what is fake and what is not. You have to source what you read anymore. I saw plenty of fake news on both sides of the fence this election season… but there was far more of it on the left.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. Neither could any of her minions. Hillary coming under sniper fire in Bosnia would most certainly be considered “fake news” to most people. Just as Hillary’s ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ was. Look at her ‘deplorables’ comment that basically sank her chances of winning the election. And don’t even get me started on Libya, her emails or her lying about taking money from every Islamist and evil asshat on the planet. She’s accusing others of what she does constantly… it is a typical liberal tactic. Rush Limbaugh parodies it masterfully.

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