Navy Seal Does What Others REFUSE To, Fact Checks Hillary’s Debate Comments On ISIS…

Navy Seal Does What Others REFUSE To, Fact Checks Hillary’s Debate Comments On ISIS…

I just could not stomach that debate last night. In the first ten minutes, I heard nothing but horrific socialist drivel from Hillary Clinton. Then Trump immediately chimed in with protectionism and tariffs. Both want socialist policies. It’s just stomach churning. Trump says he’ll release his tax returns if Clinton releases her deleted emails. We’ll never see either one. Both candidates say they are for taking Second Amendment rights from those on the No-Fly list which is heavily flawed and the whole concept is unconstitutional.

However, the issue of ISIS was blood boiling. Trump screwed up big time: “No wonder you have been fighting ISIS your entire adult life,” he told Clinton. ISIS came into being around 2003 after the Iraq War. Unless she’s 13 years-old, that was just flat wrong. But even worse was Hillary’s faux paux where she blustered: “Take out ISIS in Iraq and squeeze them in Syria.” Exactly backwards and SEAL Team Six member Robert O’Neill called her on it.


From Independent Journal Review:

During the debate on Monday night, Hillary weighed in on how we need to take down ISIS.

She said we need to:

“Take out ISIS in Iraq and squeeze them in Syria.”

Veteran and SEAL Team Six member Robert O’Neill, who was part of the mission to kill Bin Laden, found something off about her comments.

So he called her out for it:


We should wipe out ISIS everywhere, but especially in Syria where they are headquartered. They are spreading into Iraq, not the other way around. Clinton also seemed to intimate that she took out bin Laden. O’Neill shot him with the backup of his SEAL team… Clinton and Obama merely watched and had almost nothing to do with it.

Lester Holt was a disgrace too. Not only did he not bring up Benghazi or the emails, he let both candidates blather on issues where they got multiple points wrong. It was a waste of a debate. Trump let Hillary slide on most issues. Both gave the same old talking points. One of them will be president and I guess we certainly get what we deserve in that department. We’ve richly earned it and begged for it.

Don’t even get me started on Ted Cruz fawning over Trump’s lackluster performance last night. It’s disillusioning in the extreme. Cruz made that bed though and now he’s lying in it.

I agree with SooperMexican: “There are no more heroes, there is only booze.” Looks like it’s going to be a predictable, boring apocalypse.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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