New evidence about the Hillary and DNC HACK – it wasn’t who they said it was!

New evidence about the Hillary and DNC HACK – it wasn’t who they said it was!

Actually, this supposed evidence is something I already knew about. They did claim in the beginning it was Guccifer and then WikiLeaks disseminated the information. The actual evidence does point to Russia by way of a proxy in France noting the hacking language and the proxy IP addresses. WikiLeaks does not hack, they merely publish.

Per Denise Simon:

Via ThreatConnect: In our initial Guccifer 2.0 analysis, ThreatConnect highlighted technical and non-technical inconsistencies in the purported DNC hacker’s story as well as a curious theme of French “connections” surrounding various Guccifer 2.0 interactions with the media. We called out these connections as they overlapped, albeit minimally, with FANCY BEAR infrastructure identified in CrowdStrike’s DNC report.

Now, after further investigation, we can confirm that Guccifer 2.0 is using the Russia-based Elite VPN service to communicate and leak documents directly with the media. We reached this conclusion by analyzing the infrastructure associated with an email exchange with Guccifer 2.0 shared with ThreatConnect by Vocativ’s Senior Privacy and Security reporter Kevin Collier. This discovery strengthens our ongoing assessment that Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian propaganda effort and not an independent actor.

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From The Federalist Papers Project:

Hillary and her team were desperate to change the conversation … and never forget, her team includes most of the media.

Hillary didn’t deny what this new email scandal plainly showed. The story about the rigged Democrat machine wasn’t going to help Hillary and Trump was starting to overtake her in the polls. Clinton and her minions needed SOMETHING.

Inspiration stuck: ignore Guccifer 2.0. The DNC being hacked by one person didn’t look sinister enough. Time for the victim card! Blame the Russians! Blame Putin! Blame Trump!

In the end, all roads still lead to Russia here no matter what Trump and Roger Stone put out there, so don’t be fooled. At least three world class cybersecurity firms have now confirmed it. How could anyone not think all of this is connected? Just because Guccifer denies connections to the Russians, doesn’t make it true. Neither does the denial of WikiLeaks. It’s hardly ‘genius’ to deflect and distract. It’s politics 101.


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