New York’s Ultra-Left Mayor Bill de Blasio May Challenge Hillary

by Dave Blount | April 21, 2015 1:26 pm

Hillary Clinton is undeniably awful as a presidential candidate, but the alternatives libs have come up with are if possible even worse. You thought Michelle Obama and the shrieking millionaire Marxist Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren were chilling suggestions? Imagine this occurring in DC on January 20, 2017:


From the New York Post:

Despite repeated claims to the contrary, Mayor Bill de Blasio is positioning himself to be the leftist “progressive” alternative to Wall Street-friendly Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president, a national party operative told The Post.

De Blasio’s hope, the operative said, is a “Draft de Blasio’’ movement will develop among progressive activists over the next several months that will lead to the mayor being able to defeat Clinton in the primary elections next year in much the same way leftist Sen. George McGovern successfully challenged the initially front-running establishment Democratic candidate, Sen. Edmund Muskie, more than 40 years ago.

Standing ready to back de Blasio against Clinton, said the operative, is the state’s small but influential Working Families Party, which has strong ties to de Blasio and is funded by some of the nation’s most powerful labor unions.

The Working Families Party (a.k.a. ACORN) has even stronger ties to Obama (a.k.a. the President From ACORN), whose Injustice Department has been working methodically for years to undermine the integrity of the election process.

No wonder there has been so much bad blood between fellow moonbats de Blasio and Shrillary, despite the former having served as campaign manager during the latter’s lamentably successful carpetbagging Senate run. When he refused to endorse her, Shrillary’s minions took it hard. They have retaliated by calling him a “traitor.” This is rich, considering the arguably treasonous influence peddling to foreign governments Shrillary appears to have engaged in as Secretary of State (necessitating the astonishingly arrogant and/or desperate destruction of her subpoenaed emails).

Normally we could assume that a de Blasio campaign would turn out like McGovern’s; the kooky liberal lost every state except Massachusetts. However, if Barack Hussein Obama could get elected and even reelected, anything is possible, especially with some help from voter fraud (which certainly didn’t hurt Obama). The Working Families Party has experience in this regard.

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