NY Times Goes Conspiracy Theorist, Wants Hillary To Release Medical Records

Remember when anyone questioning Hillary’s health and demanding her medical records was a conspiracy theorist? That anyone asking was bonkers? Welcome to the club, NY Times Editorial Board! They want Trump’s, as well

Full Disclosure on Candidates’ Health

As President Obama’s graying hair suggests, the American presidency is perhaps the most grueling and stressful political job there is. This year, both major party candidates for that job are past the nation’s customary retirement age. And while submitting health records is not a requirement for the job, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be doing American voters a great service by furnishing a much clearer picture of their physical health than the abbreviated and sunny reports provided so far.

What brings the health issue to mind, of course, is the video of a stumbling Mrs. Clinton being hustled away from the 9/11 memorial service in New York on Sunday. She reappeared some two hours later to say she felt great. Hours later, her doctor issued a statement saying Mrs. Clinton had been suffering from pneumonia — a diagnosis Mrs. Clinton had received two days earlier and which came as a surprise even to some members of her campaign team.

How cute that they just take her campaign’s word for the pneumonia, without asking any pesky questions. If it was Trump, would they do the same? Rhetorical question, obviously. As for “stumbling”

That’s a bit more than stumbling. But, perhaps she did have pneumonia, since she was traveling around with her doctor, the woman standing behind her in the black dress. Otherwise, one might wonder why her doctor is there. And seems to be around a lot.

The Times goes on to note who little either candidate has released in regards to medical records. They’re correct for both. Trump’s release was a joke, but, then, he doesn’t seem low energy. He isn’t prone to long coughing fits going all the way back to January. He didn’t collapse in 75 degree “heat”. He doesn’t freeze on stage or have weird fits. He hasn’t fallen many times, including falls that injured himself. He hasn’t had aides write that he’s always in bed, and it’s tough to get him up. He doesn’t disappear from the campaign trail. He hasn’t had blood clots and broken his elbow, nor become concussed from fainting. He’s never said that he had memory issues (coming from the concussion).

Now Americans are deciding between Mr. Trump, who is 70, and Mrs. Clinton, who is 68. Whoever prevails will have to deal with round-the-clock demands, so it seems entirely relevant to inquire about their medical histories and current health.

On Monday, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton said she would releaseadditional health information in coming days. For his part, Mr. Trump said he would make public “very, very specific” records, a remarkable promise coming from someone who has resolutely stonewalled on his tax returns. Should both candidates honor these pledges, and provide plenty of detail, the winners will be the voters.

What will we get? It should be interesting. And, I suppose we can now lump the NY Times in with Prison Planet and other conspiracy sites.

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