Oops! Bill Clinton Goes OFF Script SLAMS Obama BIG TIME…VIDEO

Oops! Bill Clinton Goes OFF Script SLAMS Obama BIG TIME…VIDEO

Whoo boy! Controlling Bill Clinton these days is akin to herding cats evidently. He went off script in Pittsburgh at a small campaign event for Hillary and royally trout smacked Obama. Without saying Obama’s name, Bill Clinton pointed out what an economic disaster the last eight years have been. That only the top 1% have benefited. When I start hearing the truth out of Bill Clinton, I feel like we have slipped into the Twilight Zone. Of course, Billy-boy is a raging Progressive globalist who wants all borders done away with and a one-world government instituted… but even a broken clock gets it right twice a day.

This wasn’t a slip or a mistake. Bill Clinton has slimed Barack Obama before on the campaign trail to bolster his wife’s candidacy for president. So, this was no accident.


From The American Mirror:

“If you saw that (Commander in Chief forum), she’s the only person that has the standing and the understanding to keep us safe and give us the space we need to grow our way out of the long trough we’ve been in since the financial crash, and if we do it, we can take the rest of the world with us. You know, you didn’t have a lot of this craziness when I was president because people felt good.

After 8 years after the crash, 80% of the American people after inflation haven’t gotten a pay raise. Almost all the gains have gone to the top 1%.“

“You can’t run a country that way,” the former president said.

Bill Clinton goes on about what tough shape the world is in… he should know. It’s his policies plus Obama’s that have brought us to this point. Progressive/Marxist policies that are choking the free world to death and pointing us toward despotic rule. That’s the leadership gifts we have received from Clinton and Obama. Hillary Clinton will be even worse as she intends to do away with the last of our freedoms and embrace communism wholeheartedly.

You didn’t have a lot of this current craziness during Bill Clinton’s reign… you had a different kind of madness, with hot and cold running bimbos in the White House and enemy embracing corruption. Hillary is far more focused than Bill. She won’t be distracted by bedroom antics… she’ll zero in on mafia-style corruption and will rule like a third world dictatorship. Hillary won’t keep us safe… she’ll sell the keys to the White House to the biggest bidder without a moment’s hesitation.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is an editor and writer for Right Wing News. She owns and blogs at NoisyRoom.net. She is a Constitutional Conservative and NoisyRoom focuses on political and national issues of interest to the American public. Terresa is the editor at Trevor Loudon's site, New Zeal - trevorloudon.com. She also does research at KeyWiki.org. You can email Terresa here. NoisyRoom can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

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