Pence SLAMS Hillary’s Cold Benghazi Email: “Those weren’t four guys. Those were four American heroes!”

Pence SLAMS Hillary’s Cold Benghazi Email: “Those weren’t four guys. Those were four American heroes!”

WikiLeaks has released another email… this one is on Benghazi where a political consultant to Hillary Clinton discouraged paying tribute to the “four guys” who died in Benghazi. Mike Pence found that offensive as does the rest of America. He stated before a cheering crowd: “Those weren’t four guys. Those were four American heroes!” Clinton left those four American heroes there to die. They could have been saved by all accounts, but she just couldn’t be bothered to care. Then she cooked up a lie about a fake video and then she lied some more. She’s still lying… still blaming the parents of those who died and she has never even come close to answering their questions.

Pence went on: “Let me tell you something, I’m a father of a United States Marine. Anybody who said that, anybody who did that, should be disqualified from ever serving as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.” I am in agreement here with Pence… Hillary shouldn’t be president… ever. In fact, she should be in prison for what she has done. She is an accessory to murder among so many other things.


From Breitbart:

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EXETER, New Hampshire — Gov. Mike Pence drilled down on a newly released Wikileaks email, pointing out that a political consultant to Hillary Clinton discouraged tribute to the “four guys” that died in Benghazi and declaring to the crowd, “Those weren’t four guys. Those were four American heroes!”

Pence reminded the crowd that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told parents of the four fallen Americans that a filmmaker in the United States was responsible for the deaths, despite having emailed her daughter Chelsea the night of the attack and called it an Al Qaeda-style terrorist attack.

He said that congress found out about that email and went on to mention the new email chain that discussed a statement and Clinton’s opening remarks to testify before Congress’ select committee on Benghazi.

“This just came out today…when her staff was preparing her for testimony, an opening statement for the select committee on Benghazi, one of them actually mentioned in an email that she shouldn’t focus too much on the ‘four guys’ who were killed,” said Pence.

“Those were not four guys. Those were four American heroes,” Pence said to shouts of affirmation and applause.

“When she was questioned about the reason for the attacks she actually said of those four American heroes, she actually said, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama own Benghazi. They are responsible for the deaths there and that blood will never come off their hands. Pence also brought up the FBI documents that revealed interview documentation of the State Department offering the FBI a quid pro quo to change the classification of certain Clinton emails. Kennedy is still being questioned over it. I expect that Clinton will at some point throw him to the wolves to save herself as she usually does.

Pence correctly points out that some of the emails that are in Clinton’s email scandal had to do with classified information concerning Benghazi. Yep, they sure did. Unfortunately, if there is not a major push back against all of this, Clinton will skate right on into the White House probably. Where she will smear the blood of heroes everywhere.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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