Plans For Chelsea’s Future Are Making People VERY Uncomfortable – Not Good

Plans For Chelsea’s Future Are Making People VERY Uncomfortable – Not Good

I don’t think I’ve ever cringed so hard in my life. Chelsea Clinton is actually considering following in her parents’ footsteps and running for political office, according to rumors.

Being the daughter of a former President and a former Secretary of State, Chelsea has grown up surrounded by politicians, but she’s also been steeped in corruption. Not exactly the kind of person you want representing you.


After Hillary Clinton’s shocking 2016 Presidential defeat, rumors began circulating of Chelsea throwing her hat in the political ring. The New York Times published a tweet in November 2016 claiming the youngest Clinton was being “groomed for Congress.”

While she’s never directly confirmed the rumors, Chelsea has done nothing to quash them. She’s even taken shots at President Donald Trump’s policies, including the so-called “travel ban.”

She even went after Rep. Steve King for saying that: “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” referring to the Muslim refugee crisis taking place in Europe.

Former Clinton aides have mixed feelings on Chelsea becoming more involved in politics.

“She’s never denied that she has an interest in running for office, and that leads me to believe that one day she will, and she’d probably be successful,” said one.

“Even if it’s a year or two or three from now, I still don’t think the timing would be right. I know that’s not fair to her, but nothing feels right about it. It feels too forced,” says another.

Chelsea Clinton’s chief of staff at the Clinton Foundation flat-out denied the claims, saying that “she’s not running.”

Do you think she’s planning to dive into the political realm?

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