Poll: Number One Reaction To Hillary Is “Dishonest/Liar/Don’t Trust Her/Poor Character”

Hillary Clinton should be thanking her lucky stars that her only competition for the Democratic nomination is Bernie Sanders

(Breitbart) According to the latest poll conducted by Gallup, the most common responses to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are “liar” and “socialist.”

Fifty-one percent of voters had a negative reaction to Clinton, in keeping with Gallup’s tracking of her overall unfavorability rating.

Forty percent of initial reactions to Clinton are negative, ranging from “liar” to “thief”:

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Well, that’s not good. From the Gallup link

Overall, 29% of Americans offer a positive observation about Clinton while 51% express something negative. The rest have either a neutral comment or no opinion. This loosely fits with her overall image among national adults as measured on Gallup tracking, which is 42% favorable and 51% unfavorable.

She is dishonest. She is a liar. She put America’s national security at risk, and put real lives at risk, with her illegal homebrew server.

Right now, she’s out there whining about why there’s one standard for her and another for everyone else regarding her speeches to Wall Street. Well, as Bernie responded, he’s never given paid speeches where he kept the money. For one thing, that’s illegal. For another, it’s Hillary who’s making a big deal of taking on Wall Street. Republicans aren’t. And she’s the one who raked in quite a bit of cash giving speeches to Wall Street companies.

And her next concern will be her former and current aides being questioned under oath about their role in setting up that illegal server. As John Sexton notes

The problem for Clinton is that, if the judge grants this request, the depositions will drag on through election day. And that means the story itself will drag on even if the FBI does not recommend the DOJ pursue prosecution for mishandling of classified material.

Hillary and her peeps can blame this all on the vast right wing conspiracy all they want, but, few are buying it. Even Democrats have to know that this is a big problem. But, who else do they have?

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