Powell Email Hack: Hillary Can Barely Walk Stairs

There are quite a few revelations from the email hack that hit Colin Powell, some ugly for Trump, some ugly for Hillary. Here’s an interesting one

(Mediaite) In a leaked email, Democratic megadonor Jeffrey Leeds said that a Democratic senator had told him Hillary Clinton had difficulty even climbing a podium when they did a joint event.

Leeds has donated large amounts to Democratic candidates and the Clinton Foundation over the years. In a 2015 email that was leaked after the hack of former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell‘s email account, he told Powell privately that one of Clinton’s former Senate colleagues was concerned about her health.

“[Democratic Rhode Island Senator] Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps,” Leeds told Powell.

Interestingly, one of the leftist pundits on MSNBC responded to a question on her falling poll numbers by saying that her campaign was limping.

Powell also makes a comment about her not looking good on HDTV, and that she’s working herself to death. And, that she and Bill loathe Obama, who she always calls “that man.”

Rather puts that photo in a different light, wouldn’t you say?

Both Hillary and Trump released “medical records” Wednesday. Trump released the details of his most recent physical to Dr. Oz, for broadcast Thursday. It will supposedly say that he is overweight (shocking) and takes Statin for cholesterol. Several Democrats, such as Harry Reid and David Plouffe, are taking shots at Trump for being fat.

Hillary similarly released only the details of her most recent exam post-collapse.

Dr. Lisa Bardack said she examined Clinton several times this week following her pneumonia diagnosis on Friday and said “the remainder of her complete physical was normal.”

Bardack, Clinton’s personal doctor, said she found a “mild, non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.”

Then why was everyone in her campaign catching it?

The rest of the physical exam “was normal and she is in excellent mental condition,” Bardack said in a letter released to the press. The entire letter is posted below.

Um, she had pneumonia (supposedly): why would she to comment on her mental condition? Regardless, you can bet people (meaning “not the compliant press corps”) will be looking to get pictures of her stumbling and not able to walk stairs. Will it all matter? Well, Trump is rising in the polls and Hillary is falling. What will the next round of big polls be? The big ones will be the battleground states and those that Trump should carry.

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