REPORT: Here’s Why Comey Acted the Way He Did During FBI’s Investigation Into Clinton

REPORT: Here’s Why Comey Acted the Way He Did During FBI’s Investigation Into Clinton

FBI Director James Comey has been in and out of the news for quite a while. At times he angered the Republicans and at other times he angered the Democrats. And at other times it seemed no one could really figure out what side he was on. Of course, the FBI isn’t supposed to take sides. And that was the problem. Everyone wanted Comey to be working for “their side.” But it seems, after all this time, that the only side he was working for was the side of the law. New documents have revealed that Comey’s unpredictable actions apparently stemmed from his distrust of Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. As the nation’s top cop, Lynch was Comey’s boss. And he believed she would give political cover to Hillary Clinton during the investigation into her email scandal. Indeed he was of the opinion that Lynch had already downplayed the investigation based on Lynch’s verbiage changes and instructions with regard to how Comey was to phrase the announcement of the investigation and its subsequent findings.

An example of this occurred during a meeting between Lynch, Comey and Comey’s team of advisers in the Autumn of 2015. At that meeting, AG Lynch told Comey to stop using the word “investigation” in public, when talking of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton. Instead, Lynch offered the word “matter.” A Comey staffer was said to have joked, “I guess you’re the Federal Bureau of Matters now.”

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Then, the day after the AG announced a criminal referral with regard to the FBI’s investigation against Clinton, Ms. Lynch’s DOJ changed their public statement to replace the word “criminal” with “related to the potential compromise of classified information.” Sounds like word games, doesn’t it?

If it’s criminal, it’s criminal. And no amount of word salad can cover that up. It looks like Comey’s fears about Obama’s AG meddling in the investigation were confirmed. And even more so when early last year, the FBI obtained a group of documents and emails that had been hacked by Russia. One particular message allegedly written by a Democrat operative expressed that person’s confidence that Lynch would stop the investigation into Clinton from getting too far.

Director Comey was between a rock and a hard place. How well he navigated remains to be seen. But no doubt he was attempting to keep the FBI neutral as it should be.

The integrity of the AG’s office must understandably be above reproach. Former AG Lynch seemed more than willing to compromise that integrity for political purposes. Comey apparently saw that and acted accordingly. Let’s hope his choices were wise.

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