Reporter Attacks Hillary With Epic Question Regarding New Evidence [VIDEO]

Reporter Attacks Hillary With Epic Question Regarding New Evidence [VIDEO]

Let’s face facts here… both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are pathological liars. Neither is fit for office. If Trump was competent at all in politics, he’d be cleaning Clinton’s clock and wiping the campaign trail with her sorry ass. Instead, he’s out lying almost as much as she is and the media is more than happy to focus on Trump and let Hillary skate. The fact that she doubles and triples down constantly on saying the FBI claimed that she told the truth is a great example. They said the exact opposite and she knows it. Hillary also knows that if she lies about it often enough and long enough that it will become the truth, because: a) people don’t pay attention, b) people get confused and worn down and c) the winners get to revise history. Oh, and d) Trump.


From Young Conservatives:

On Wednesday, pathological liar Hillary Clinton did an interview with 9News in which she rattled off fabrication after fabrication. Fortunately for Clinton, the entire media have been focused, laserlike, on Donald Trump making a complete and utter fool of himself, and so they ignored Hillary’s lies.

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The interview ran nine and a half minutes.

In the first six minutes, Hillary clocked four lies:

4. The FBI Said Hillary Was Truthful. Here’s Hillary lying openly about the FBI’s conclusions about her email server: “[A]s the FBI said, everything that I’ve said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what I’ve told them.” She said that talk about her emails being released vs. Trump’s tax returns would be comparing “apples and oranges.” This is absolutely false. The FBI never said Hillary had been consistent and truthful in her public statements. They specifically avoided comment on her public statements. But they made clear that virtually everything she had said public was contradicted by the evidence.

Hillary’s the most corrupt major party candidate in American history. If Donald Trump had one iota of self control, he could be slamming her with alacrity today. Fortunately for Hillary, he doesn’t.

I would sooner be drawn and quartered than to vote for Hillary Clinton. I also can’t vote for Trump. I have an aversion to ‘liars’ and scumbags. I also won’t vote for what someone calls the lesser of two evils, because IT IS STILL EVIL. Hillary Clinton is an unmitigated monster of unparalleled evil. She will finish off this country constitutionally and in every other way possible. Trump says if you hate him, you still have to vote for him because… Supreme Court. No. I. Don’t. I’m convinced both of them will put liberals on that court. Trump is a narcissistic fool and corrupt. Clinton is demonically corrupt, but has far more experience at political manipulation than he does. She must be thrilled that Trump keeps the media off her lies because she’s just lying her freaking head off these days.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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