REVEALED: Clinton’s Leaked Docs, Bin Laden & Her Pied Piper Republican Candidates

REVEALED: Clinton’s Leaked Docs, Bin Laden & Her Pied Piper Republican Candidates

Now, isn’t that interesting. It looks like Hillary Clinton has been planning to manipulate GOP candidates and rig the election for a long time. WikiLeaks’ emails show that back in 2015, Clinton was strategizing on ways to elevate what she calls “Pied Piper” Republicans like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. She felt they would be so unpalatable that she would win. Once the smoke cleared and Trump was the nominee, she started gathering all kinds of crap on him from the media, which she will dribble out to smear him enough so she will win… or so she thinks. She may have severely underestimated the anger out there at politicians and the sentiment that Americans will take anyone over Hillary Clinton.

What is clear here is that the Hildabeast has been plotting how to take down Republicans for some time and she considers Trump to be a dream come true. She has laughably taken the stance that she is a war hawk… hello? Benghazi? The woman is worse than Obama and would finish our military off. She is now trying to act more moral than Trump. She’s a corrupt, murdering psychopath… so she’s going to have an impossible task of selling that one.


From The New York Post:

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In her secret speeches to Wall Street bankers, Hillary Clinton backed free trade and claimed politicians need leeway to make backroom deals — and may have disclosed classified details of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, according to the latest e-mails disclosed by WikiLeaks.

The e-mails also revealed that back in 2015, the Clinton campaign strategized about ways to elevate Donald Trump and other “extreme” Republicans — as “Pied Piper” candidates who would ultimately be so “unpalatable,” they’d help her win.

These “Pied Piper” candidates also included Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, according to the e-mail, sent to the Democratic National Committee on April 7, 2015.

The e-mail goes on to advise the DNC to “Force all Republican candidates to lock themselves into extreme conservative positions that will hurt them in the general election.”

Other e-mails disclosing the content of her speeches to bankers and business groups show Clinton revealing insider details of how bin Laden was targeted.

Also in those emails were insider details on the whole Osama bin Laden operation. “I was in the small group that recommended to the president that he go after bin Laden,” Clinton said in a 2013 speech to a ­Toronto business organization. I love how Clinton makes it all about her. I seem to remember the heroes here were Navy SEALs and other military members. Silly me.

Clinton bragged on: “The amount of work that was required to get a strong-enough basis of information on which to plan took more than a decade . . . and then all of a sudden putting this matrix together and saying, ‘This guy used to protect bin Laden — he has just made a phone call. He said this in the phone call. We need to figure out where he is. Then we need to follow him.’ And that is how we found this compound in Abbottabad [Pakistan]” — where a team of Navy SEALs took out bin Laden in May 2011.

WikiLeaks is asking if the Hildabeast revealed classified information by discussing that phone call. Uh yeah. But never mind that, her story seems to change every time she tells it, so I figure she’s just making crap up. Many reports at the time said the United States was tipped to bin Laden’s location by a Pakistani intelligence officer; other reports say Washington ­tracked him down with extensive surveillance.

This is just a fraction of what WikiLeaks has on Hillary Clinton. I hope they hurry up and release the rest to counter her mud slinging. Personally, I think this is the worst election ever and neither candidate should be in office. Things should get very interesting and very messy from now until election day.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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